Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Anarchy!!

I was working in Yakima last week and decided to hop into a local record store there called Off the Record. Was sifting through the stacks and found this little gem. Now mind you I've been listening to metal and punk and whatthefuckeverelse for many years and have the record collection to prove it but am embarrassed to not know of this album. My buddy told me that if I ever find this to buy it for him immediately. I could have kept this to myself, but I'm a good friend. You should have seen the look on that dude's face when I walked into his house with this in hand! Anyway, let's take a ride on the waaaaaaay back machine. Early metal heads will recognize this. You youngsters take notes. Cheers!!

Oh you like that shit, huh?


CharlieDelta said...

Never heard of 'em, but I can definitely dig their sound Paul. The old record store in my 'hood was called Off The Record and they always had killer bootleg and import albums. I probably spent 1,000 hours in that place in my teenage years just looking at everything from Southern Death Cult EP's to rare DK import recordings. I bought Suicidal's first album there when I was 13 and couldn't wait to peddle my ass home and crank it on my shitty stereo. Can I borrow someone's time machine? Those were good times.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a little hammered right now, but Riot sounds a lot like Fastway don't they? Maybe? A little? Eh, fuck it!

kerrcarto said...

NIce! I'm diggin it. Just bought it on iTunes. Reminds me of April Wine.