Monday, June 27, 2011

Some GOP thoughts

I like Sarah Palin but if she can't handle the Democrats and their antics in Alaska what makes us think she can take on those sorry fucks in Washington, DC? Remember, she resigned her post, and I don't think that was a wise move regardless of her motivations. That being said, I cringe whenever I hear the hate spewing out from the left and the right against Sarah Palin. I don't understand it because who would you rather have Palin or Pelosi? Yeah, that's what I thought. Fucking Nancy the nasty cunt skank whore. There's a bitch I love to hate right there. Sarah Palin a Vice President? Yeah, I'd vote that.

Mitt Romney. Wow. No fucking way. I don't care how clean this fucker is. He was the governor of Massachusetts (Problem No. 1) and ushered in RomneyCare (Problem No. 2). Of course, he's trying to distance himself from that. Sorry dude. Fail. He sliced his own Achilles tendon right there, and I don't want this man anywhere near the White House. Why he polls so well is beyond me. Maybe folks believe he's our only hope against the Cooncracker. Please. Fuck this guy.

Who else we got? Some governors like Pawlenty and Daniels. Rick Santorum? *YAWN* I might get a boner if Rick Perry runs, but I don't know what's going through his mind right now? Does he really want the Presidency? So I'm on the fence until I hear otherwise. Perry is also a Texan and I think Bush still leaves a bad taste in our mouths despite the Obama disaster. So, unfortunately, a Texas candidate I don't think is politically wise. The media will align Perry with Bush and that will be some tough rhetoric to fight. Maybe 2016 for a Perry candidacy. Again, let's see what he decides. I do like Perry, though.

Ron Paul is another bad-ass but also a Texan. I agree with most everything he says, but he's simply unelectable. And we all know this. But he would make a great Federal Reserve Chairman. Hell, whose to say he wouldn't show up to the Federal Reserve the first day on the job, evacuate the building, and blow that fucker up? I can dream can't I?

So here's the winning ticket:

Michele Bachmann for President. She is a dignified woman who carries herself well. She's smart. She has private sector experience. She has a strong political track record. She may sound flaky occasionally but over time she'll shore all that up. She is not ridden with scandal. She is a strong conservative woman and she ain't that bad looking either. She has five children and also raised foster kids. So she has a compassionate history that will go over well with independent voters, particularly women. I think she would make a fine President and my favorite candidate at the moment. Issue by issue, she gets a check mark next to each category. The media also hates her, which makes her candidacy even sweeter. She polls very well. She came out of nowhere and that's got a lot of people scared. This is good. We like scared!

Herman Cain for Vice President. I don't think Cain has the political experience to improve his electability and polls show it. But that just opens the door to become a running mate. Herman Cain has a business resume that will kick your ass. Having rescued a large corporation from bankruptcy, Herman Cain is exactly who we need in a top leadership position. He knows exactly how to fix our budgetary problems and I'll bet you anything this man knows how to navigate the negotiating table. Having little political experience, this man will poison the water in Washington, DC. The X-Factor. He has no scandalous history. He is strong and is about as politically correct as Congressman Allen West. I love Herman Cain! And holy fucking shit I hate Washington, DC!!

So there's your winning ticket: Bachmann/Cain

A female President and a black Vice President. Politically, that's a perfect storm against the communist left. Good luck defeating that ya sick fucking commie bastards.


kerrcarto said...

Plus Romney believes in MMGW. Him and John Hutsman Jr. are dooshes.

I love raising Cain though!

Harper said...

While I was surprised by the election of the first (half) black president, I would be even more surprised at the election of a woman. I just don't think our country is there yet. Her gender will blind some people to her platform.

Perry could probably win the nomination but not the election. 2016 would be better for him.

I honestly would vote for just about anyone that could beat Obama. I haven't yet identified that candidate.

Tremont said...

We can still hope John Bolton throws his hat in the ring.

Bolton / Cain

PeggyU said...

If we have to choose from the candidates that are currently running, then I agree with your choice on this. Still waiting to see if there will be other contenders.

Hey, anybody taking Obama up on that $5 lunch raffle? (I didn't think so.)

CharlieDelta said...

Tremont- As much as I would love to see Bolton throw his hat in the ring, he's not electable. He's' too much of a badass for most of this country to handle. I really miss watching him bitchslap the UN whenever he had the chance. The man is a take-no-shit kind of guy and that is precisely what this country needs right now.

John said...

I agree with you on Bachman, but I don't know enough about Herman Cain yet. I think that might be his biggest problem right now--name recognition. He is one of the lesser known candidates, along with Pawlenty, whom I like because of his stand on illegal immigration.

I think we could get a woman elected as president. No one thought we could get a black man elected and it happened twice--Bill Clinton was our first black president (according to NAACP).

I don't think Sarah Palin will run this time, I think she is doing a lot of good just bringing attention to the issues, and making a decent buck doing tv, speeches, etc. Why would she want to put herself and her family through all the B.S. again? It will be tough on Michelle Bachman if Sarah decides to run--it will split the vote.

rayvet said...

Wait a second. Didn't you guys get the memo? Conservatives are racists and chauvanists so how in the hell can these two be on the ticket. A local DJ (remember, I'm in Georgia) said he loves both candidates but was bummed out that Bachman seemed to suck some of the air out of Herman Cains poll (a fellow Georgian) numbers but then he remarked that if she got the nomination, he thought/hoped that if Cain ran on her ticket the two would be a remarkable combination. I think I have to agree with that. Plus the bonus of having a POTUS that is easy on the eyes is very appealing to me.