Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wieners Wife

It is being reported that Wiener's wife is pregnant.

She should have an abortion. Just to show him who's boss. Ya' know a woman scorned and all that.

I mean that is what the democrats do, correct? But, Tony wouldn't have a problem with it. Considering his voting record he would jump up and down with joy. One less child punishment for him.

Tongue is now removed from cheek.

Fuck these progressives. No morals. Fuck you people!

And yes, I am aware that I am not spelling his name correctly.


Goldenrod said...

Ha! I’ve been doing the same thing, i before e; ignorance before ejaculation.

The guy’s a piece of shit, he’s America’s version of Ahmadinejad.

Anonymous said...

Every progtard has but one mission in life: To fuck up everything that he or she is allowed to touch.

Fukitol said...

Oh hell, why so negative?

I'm sorta hoping that his wife invites him to visit her with mom and her family in Saudi Arabia. It'd be kinda fun to find out how "moderate" they are and whether or not they're into all that "honor" stuff.

Oh! The HUMAiliation...


Anonymous said...

Since the Hildabeast has been rumored to be munching this Weiners wifes carpet for about 6 years & continues to this day as Hillarys "special aide" traveling everywhere with her......just who the hell knocked her up? Maybe Bubba!