Sunday, July 3, 2011

FOD Early

Since I will be out of pocket and drunk tomorrow here is an early FOD video for you. The controversial Reverend  Racist fucknut whackjob Wright. The JiggabooRedneck's mentor of 20+ years.

Just more proof that Obama, at his core, hates white people.

Fuck you and your "former" pastor. You're both a couple of  racist assholes.

…and Happy Independence Day!!! Drink beer, pop some fireworks (we can't this year, they banned them because of the drought so I am going to pop off some .40's and a few 7.35 carcano's ) and celebrate freedom while we still can. Thanks to people like this…

…and with no thanks to people like Wright, Obama, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Richard Trumpka, Andy Stern, Michael Moore, Danny Glover,  Harry Reid, George Soros, Fareed Zakaria, Keith Olberman, MSNBC, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Ed Schultz, SEIU, The AFL-CIO, The Communist Democratic Progressive Party,  The Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Sheila Jackson Lee, 95% of the government, Ted Kennedy and too many others to list here.

Y'all can eat a dick.

1 comment:

CharlieDelta said...

Happy Independence/Fuck obama Day! May your day celebrating independence and freedom as a way of life be filled with plenty of beer, buds, bbq and big booms!

And FUCK Wright and the gaggle of cocksuckers that you mentioned. They aren't even worth the time it takes to write them all out. I bet this glorious day gets their panties in a twist, seeing Old Glory displayed and celebrated way more than they're used to seeing. I hope the lot of them have a miserable shitty day today! Fuck them all!

That sucks about no fireworks. With the fires raging across the country in the last few weeks, I could've predicted that. Welcome to San Diego County. We haven't been able to buy fireworks here since I was just a little kid. I've had to smuggle mine or have them smuggled from Nevada for the last 20 years.

Just dont be like the fucking morons that stand outside their front doors and unload a magazine of 9mm from their "gat" straight up in the air. Every fucking year some asshole does that and makes the news. I think if I ever saw someone do that, I would consider taking a few shots at them and say that they were shooting at me and I was just returning fire... assholes!

Happy Independence Day and a whole-hearted FUCK OBAMA DAY!!!