Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Never Touched Him

This is big shit among my dad and I. I say he was never tagged properly, the catcher  fanned the runner and never actually touched him, and the ump made the right call. We are both Braves fans from years back, but dad is on the Pirates side on this one. Now if it would have been me, I would have made that tag undeniable. Both hands on the ball and a hard tag, not this sweep shit. What say y'all, was he safe or out? Skip to 1:22 for the best shot.

Whatever happened to playing baseball like a man?

The pussification of the American male continues.


Anonymous said...

Lack of man training.

Harper said...

The umpire is saying he made the wrong call now, after reviewing game tape. But, the tag wouldn't have been in his view, so I don't really blame him.

I have a picture of Clint Hurdle tickling me at a 'Team Picture Day' with the KC Royals waaaaay back when. Need to dig that out.

Anonymous said...

I watched the replay several times and I don't think the catcher tagged him properly either. Looked like he just brushed the runner with the back of his forearm or something. If that counts then fuck me running. Thought you were supposed to actually tag the runner with the fucking ball or the face of the glove or tackle the son of a bitch or something. Pussies.

Harper, if you can't find that picture then I'll meet you in KC and tickle you.

CharlieDelta said...

Fucking SAFE! Not even close catcher dude. Instead of whining about your own shitty play, how about you go practice tagging people out and then go practice fucking yourself! Nancy boy!

LMAO! Yup, that's my criplet brother Paul. Always on the prowl. 'Atta boy!

CharlieDelta said...

You should listen to your dad kerrcarto. He is right.

After further review, that sumbitch was fucking OUT! Catcher dude tagged him in the knee, best seen around 1:19. There definitely should be a better angle of the play. I can't believe MLB doesn't have cameras all over the place at home plate. WTF!

Now you hear all these fuckers talking about bringing instant reply to baseball? Fuck that you assholes! The games are long enough as it is. The call on the field has done just fine for all these years, and it should always be the call. If instant replay worms it's shitty way into MLB I am fucking done with it.

Bear said...

My initial reaction was the same as almost everyone, that the Pirates got robbed. But after watching it a bunch of times, I have to say the ump was right.

Even if he did "tag" him, if that's what you want to call that, the view at 1:26 shows that he barely brushed him, if he even touched him at all. Usually when leather meets cotton, there will at least be a small ripple in the fabric... but, nothing.

Regardless, I have yet to see conclusive evidence either way. The man behind the plate has a tough job, and he made a quick judgment call on a very close tag.

It was a close call, and right or wrong, the man did what he was paid to do.

CenTexTim said...

I agree with Bear. Hard to tell from the tape - IMO inconclusive either way. What is interesting is the runner's reaction. He looked shocked to be called safe.

I used to umpire high school games. Depending on your angle - for example, if the runner, fielder, and umpire are basically in a straight line, like they are in this case - it can be very difficult to tell if a tag was made or not.

Regardless, like Kerrcarto said, the catcher should have made sure of the tag. Swipe tags are for wimps.

Harper said...

Thanks for the offer, Paul. I'd take you up on it but we all know you have forgotten how to get to Texas.

Anonymous said...

That hurts. :( But I've already promised I'ma gonna be in attendance next year!