Monday, August 15, 2011

America's Finest Niggers VII

Niggering in DC.

Sad. All over the news. Every day. Niggers fucking shit up. What's the end game?


Bear said...

I think these stores need to employ some rednecks to sit inside the door with an assault rifle. Payment would be 50$ a day, plus all the food, drink and ammo you need.

When shit like this goes down, just mow 'em all down. Clean on the trash.

rayvet said...

Not only did they loot the place of stuff that wasn't theirs, who wants to bet me most, if not all of their families are collecting welfare or some other social service that they haven't earned which essentially is stealing twice in one day. The 400 pound gorilla in the room regarding our countries problems that no one is talking about is black society. It has got to be changed and change soon or it will be our downfall.

dhmosquito said...

The best solution is, as Bear points out, to shoot them. Seeing as how that won't float in 21st Century USA, I suspect in the near future we will see a limitation on how many individuals are admitted to a store at any given time. Then what SHOULD happen is the storeowner dons a mask and depresses a button admitting knockout gas to the premises. When the button is depressed, a simultaneous 911 signal is sent to local police station. Arriving police just drag the losers out to the paddy wagon. Unfortunately, the weak side to this technique is that they inevitably are released that same day (see why shooting is the best solution?). Also, innocent bystanders might bring suits against the store. (We also need tort reforms.)

BG said...

This gives me an idea. Why don't we all show up in D.C. for our own Flash Mob. Get enough people to 'Human Wave' their ass and we can initiate some much needed change.

CharlieDelta said...

The end game? I think we're already in the early stages of the end game, and on our way to the full on race war. As civility in everyday life disappears, more and more displays of anarchy and chaos like this become the status quo. These people (and I plug my nose as I use that term loosely) have been brainwashed by the nigger racists like Farakoon, Jackson, Sharpton, the ignorant yuppy white-guilt liberals, and the U.S. government to believe that even today, in 2011, they deserve more and more reparations (free shit), the white male conservative "peckerwood" is the cause of their worthless existence, and they aren't responsible for their own actions because of the "oppression" suffered by generations past. How much oppression of blacks have you seen in the last 30 years? 40 years? Ever since I can remember, blacks have been put on a pedestal and hyped up to be some kind of super-race, more than equal to everyone else; guaranteed the job promotion before eeeevil whitey, guaranteed job consideration before the white devil, scholarships, grants you fucking name it. You don’t have to look any further than TOTUS to see that being black in 21st century America means a free ride to anywhere you want to go, especially when you’re lacking qualifications, experience, or even a fucking hint of competency.

Affirmative action? More like libtard overreaction. How did this ever become the law of the land in the United States of America? The only thing the libtard overreaction has done is dumb down everything in its path and give stupid niggers that warm and fuzzy entitlement state of mind to pass on to the much dumber generations to follow. And the cycle of entitlement bullshit, less responsibility for one’s actions, and more of this total suicide of country keeps on rollin’ along. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger no matter how you slice it.

So here we are in 2011. Blacks are at the top of their game. They get the job first, the education first, the promotion first, free housing, food stamps, welfare checks, spinny-wheels for their Escalades, and yes…. in 2008 a (half) black man was elected to the most powerful position in the world; The almighty TOTUS. Risen from the dead on the whim of a popcorn fart and “hope” and “change”. What a fucking sham!

After zero “oppression” that the negro of today has had to “overcome”, and the position they now are in on the totem pole, are you really going to tell me that I am supposed to accept this out of control nigger insanity just sitting down and looking the other way? Are you really going to sit there and ignore the truth? Fuck you! So when their free ride comes to an end to give to the Trannys. the She-male’s and stinkbeards next, how out of control will the nigger problem be then? The next person I hear try to rationalize these fucking Flashy Nigger Mobs as nothing but, “just kids having fun” or “they’re only stealing a candy bar” or “some of these ‘inner city kids’ don’t know that it’s wrong” or any dumb shit like that is going to receive a left jab, a right hook and a fucking head butt followed by a kick to the nuts, spit in the face and some broken ribs. To call it anything else but criminal is criminal in itself. To look the other way is just as nigger as the niggers themselves. Just wait until those niglets get a little older and more brazen:

HEADLINE NEWS! Flashy Nigger Mobs do mass armed robbery at local WalMart. 39 WalMart customers and 12 employees killed, 72 critically wounded. Niggers were only stealing Gansta Rap CD’s, King Kobra 40’s, Newports, 16” Woofers, Grape Kool-aid, Flat Screens, and Blunts. No big deal. They’ve been oppressed. It’s whitey’s fault. Story at 11:00.

The end game is a bomb that’s ready to blow, someone just needs to light the fuse. It’s going to be ugly when it finally happens, but this insane PC kiss-niggers’-ass-mentality is a hell of a lot uglier than anything I can imagine this bomb is gonna do. Anyone got a match?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^ Aww Looks like someone's welfare check came late this month.....

Get a job slim shady, you fucking idiot.

God help America