Monday, August 29, 2011

FOD 2: Rush Nails It


CharlieDelta said...

"Coming up tonight on WGN's News at 11:00, our crack meteorologist, Barak 'Hurricane' Obama will have this weeks 5-day forecast, as well as the next few weeks. Much like his economic plan to get this economy rolling and folks back to work, it will fall flat on its face and will be worth as much as a hairball or dingleberry."

John said...

Even though the hurricane was a "bust" as far as disaster calibre goes--Obama will still spin it.

It is predicted that the storm may actually have a stimulative effect on the economy as people rebuild, bridges are repaired, etc. Obama will be sure to point to any job growth to be as a result of his policies--and proof that we just need to add another small stimulus package to continue the recovery that started over 2 years ago. We never got out of the recession!