Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOD II - Ignore The Truth, Crucify Whitey

King Niggerhonkey's DHS Chief, Janet Incompetano, demonstrates once again just how out of touch with reality she and the lunatics on the left really are. Are you fucking serious Janet? It's whitey that we have to worry about huh? War veterans, Tea Party members, opponents of big government, and gun owners.........especially the honkeys? The incompetence of this administration is mind boggling. I don't know what boggles my mind more; the level of incompetence on the left, or the fact that there are so many dumb motherfuckers in this country able to vote. Here's the latest bullshit Public Suckmydick Announcement from the worst administration in the history of the United States.

For the safety of your monitor and anything breakable in your immediate vicinity, you may want to remove all firearms, baseball bats, golf clubs, bowling balls, rocks, hammers, frozen fish, and anything else you may use to demolish your monitor in mere seconds. You may also want to keep a barf bag or two handy.

Don't you just feel so safe with JanNUT Incompetano at the DHS wheel? It's insane! "If you see something, say something." Are you serious? That's the best the head of DHS can come up with to protect The UNITED STATES against another attack by the dirty, stinkbeard, goat-fucking moose-limbs? If that's the case, we are totally fucked!

Someone going by "Anonymous" commented here earlier today on this post about how "it seems" the political motivation here at GGDF is "racially driven". Well Anonymous, speaking only for myself, as 1/3 owner of GGDF, I will say that my political motivation is definitely racially driven. I'll even go a little further and say that almost everything motivating me these days is racially driven. Why? Because the race card is thrown in my face everywhere I look, and it has been for decades. I'm fucking sick of it, and I'm going to point it out every fucking chance I get. Me? A racist? I don't think so. I'm more of a realist that can see through all the bullshit smoke and mirrors of political correctness and in the end, not be afraid to call a spade a spade. (Pun intended) If that makes me a racist in your eyes, then so be it. But you should really get your eyes checked...


kerrcarto said...

All that chick with the satchel is a menace to is my pants. Damn she is smokin'.

And as for the racial thing. I am not a racist. I hate all incompetent commie fucks and worthless government leeches the same.

CenTexTim said...

Next time someone calls you a racist just change the emotionally-charged non-PC words (e.g., nigger, spic) to 'acceptable' ones (people of color, Hispanic) and then present the same arguments. They'll shut up and go away because they can't debate successfully on the facts.

And would someone please explain to me what the hell the difference is between 'people of color' and 'colored people'? Why is one okay and the other not?

CharlieDelta said...

I hear ya CenTex. I go a little overboard here to make a point, and because it's fun. If I'm having a serious debate with someone worthy of it, I give them no ammo of any kind that they can use to divert the topic and start with the "racist", "prejudiced", or "bigoted" comments. That's they easy way out, the first choice of libtards from coast to coast, so I never want to make it easy for them.

I like the term 'colored people.' For some reason it really offends them, and it just sounds funny to me for some reason. I picture a box or Crayons with different colored 'fro's poppin' out the top like Buckwheat.

"People of color" sounds stupid to me. Aren't all people of color? I mean, no one is walking around transparent or anything. Certainly not the bullshit-laced circus of an administration we've had to endure since Jan. 2009.

I would even say Albino's are people of color. I'm not sure what color, but that's some kind of color...

kerrcarto said...

Call "someone of color" from Europe an African-American and watch the fun ensue.