Monday, August 1, 2011

FOD: Lost The Communists

The loony left is even pissed at the CoonCracker. And what the fuck are these nutjobs doing preaching to 13-18 year olds anyway? We need a constitutional amendment banning avowed communists. If you fucks like communism so much. There are plenty of places for you to move your commie asses to. I hear Siberia is wonderful this time of year.

Fuck you people. You can all eat a fat cock.


Anonymous said...


Fukitol said...

Sadly, at one time we did have something to deal with cockbreaths like this... it was called the House Committee on Un-American Activities. It wasn't until that fucking liberal Harry Truman starting campaigning against it that it lost its power. Democrats and fucking Berkley hippie trash in the media made the committee finally go away in '75. Conservatives don't push back. That's the real problem.

The video above? Those are just black liberation theology niggers. Nothing new there. Splib commies.

Fuck 'em all.