Sunday, August 7, 2011

FOD- We've Created A "Him", And He Can Vote...

Here it is getting late on Sunday night and I'm just now getting caught up on my emails from this weekend. After going through and deleting countless stupid jokes from the usual suspects, and dumping the "Send this to 5 people or your dick will fall off" bullshit emails, I finally came across something worth opening. And sharing. A link my brother sent me on Friday from this guy's blog. I can always count on my brother to send me something educational, entertaining, and/or useful in one way or another. After all, he is directly responsible for turning me on to GOC after he sent me a link in '02 to some OEF "Gun Cam" footage Denny posted that particular morning. To this day, it is still the best stinkbeard-vaporization footage I have ever seen! I've been a daily GOC reader ever since, and have met a great group of people along the way. Sadly, the link that Denny had posted back then no longer works or I would probably post it once a week if not more.

Anyways, get a load of this fucking freeloading douchebag. He may as well be the poster boy for Cooncracker's Constituency. There he be...expecting free shit from the government like generations before and after him. Does the fact that he's a nigger surprise anyone? Me either. Yeah I know, there's plenty of white trash out there doing the same thing. They're all niggers too!

I always thought Judge Judy was just another pompus windbag on the bench, but after seeing this I kinda like her a little. Notice how the point she's trying to make goes right over the nigger's head. If you have 7 minutes to spare, it's worth it.

It's not that scumbags like this are a surprise to me, but it's amazing how open and honest they are about their entitlement mentality and overall ignorance and stupidity. These motherfuckers are the same ones that call 911 when they can't settle an argument over who gets the last piece of fried chicken. These cocksuckers are the same ones that riot, loot, rob, rape, murder and steal at the first sign of a natural disaster, or NBA Playoff upset. These niggers are the same ones calling you racist when the only argument they have is based on their own racism. We can all thank The Kenyan In Chief, the liberal fucks before him, and the liberal fucks of the future for buying the welfare vote with our money and keeping the insanity of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing and other "free shit" alive while this country slowly dies. Because of these liberal traitors, the entitlement mentality will probably never go away. It will linger on and on like a bad egg fart and eventually morph into a full blown democrat turd. Fuck you!


kerrcarto said...

$70,000 fucking dollars spent on this idiot. No wonder our country is fucked.

We need to cut all this government grant bullshit out. I f he had to face to face to his fellow man and ask him for the money, I bet the answer would be something like, GET A FUCKING JOB YOU LAZY FUCK. At least that is what he would hear from me.

Anonymous said...

CD......My grandson who goes to College gets Student Loans he has to pay back , his mother also signs for additional loans for my grandson she will have to pay back if he defaults.My Grandson also has to pay for all his books & educational materials & work in order to pay rent , car insurance, car related expenses, clothing & food.
This illiterate Black Welfare Lizard cannot even speak English or comprehend basic common sense.
He is a poster child for what our welfare system is turning out.....mindless slugs & leeches who feel the world owes them an existance with all the benefits the taxpayer can be compelled to provide thru taxation.
The only thing more outrageous is the White Liberal Socialist Democrats who created this mess & still advocate for additional benefits for this over-leisured section of society in return for their voting allegiance.
Wait! there is one more odious group, the stupid dumb fuckers who keep electing the Democrats who created this mess.
Dudley1 !

JeremyR said...

In case you missed it, Two women died in Charlotte NC Friday. Security at Burlington Coat factory interupted three shoplifters. Two of them fled and attempted to escape accross a stream that normally is 2-3 ft deep. Friday it was 10+. They were a mother and her 16 yo daughter. When I saw that I went, bet they aint Mexican, all them know how to swim.
I was shocked at the rage of that stream. normally a person as fat as momma could keep a battle ship from going down.

CharlieDelta said...

It sounds to me like your grandson has been given the opportunity to learn and better himself on two separate levels of equal value:

1. Education is self explanatory. There is no such thing as getting too much of it.
2. Borrowed money always lasts longer and goes a lot further than 'free' money. Especially when the one borrowing the money knows that they are on the hook for having to pay it back and that it's not just a gift from the 'money fairy' in the sky.

I'm sure his grandfather has taught him well the value of a dollar (which today isn't shit) and more importantly, taught him one major thing in life that is completely foreign and confusing to the average dimocrat dipshit; personal responsibility and integrity (among other things). Unlike the Peggy Joseph's of the world and this stupid motherfucker getting schooled by Judge Judy, I'm sure your grandson knows that what you give is what you get and the world doesn't owe you shit! Freeloaders like this nigger are nothing but a cancer on American prosperity. Mine and yours. Everyone's prosperity. And these dimocrat sheeple are everywhere I look, and they are allowed to vote. 2 or 3 times per election too. It's insane!

I used to feel sorry for people like this because they will never have the feeling of pride in themselves, or that sense of self respect and self-worth for accomplishing something on their own. For refusing that fucking "free lunch" that I was raised to believe didn't exist. They float around with no responsibility, no expectations, no goals in life, and no value as a human being what so ever! It's like they never grow up, and that is exactly what the cheerleaders of 'hope' and 'change' want from sea to shining sea. Like I said, I USED to feel sorry for these cockroaches. Fuck that! Not anymore. Not for a long time. Not ever again! Sympathy turned to angst. Angst was quite a while ago and then it turned into fed up. Currently, I am red-lining and the needle is pegged on HATRED.

I'm sure Grandpa Dudley1 has also taught grandson the value of a clean rifle and a well placed round. That's something that requires no loans or grants of any kind. No monetary value can be placed on it either. It's the gift that gives forever. I was given that gift early on and I try to give that gift to as many worthy of it as possible.

If our country continues down this fucking liberal road to hell we're currently on, there is a damn good chance that priceless rifle education and knowledge will get him much further in life than all the liberal professors, student loans, campus indoctrination, and frat parties could ever do.

I'm sure that no matter what the future has in store for this country, your grandson will make you proud.

Keep your powder dry, my friend.

CharlieDelta said...

What do you call a mother/daughter team of Burlington Coat Factory shoplifters dead at the bottom of a North Carolina river?

A good start!

Or should I say, "Un principio bueno"???


Anonymous said...

Charlie....Dudley1 here ....headed for Cleveland Clinic today for replacement of my left knee, surgery tomorrow. As you know , I had my right knee replaced in April....I soon will be good as new ready to tramp through the hills again.