Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fuck You Cabbage!

Yeah buddy! Today was pickup day for the Mossberg and to say the least, I am pretty fucking happy right now! The bayonet lug is a bonus. You know? That little something extra to increase the pucker factor for pathetic liberals that soil themselves over a law abiding American citizen like me having a bayonet on a long gun. I may even send a picture to Feinstein and Boxer just to ruin their day tomorrow. I'm sure one day in Kommiefornia, bayonets on shotguns will make said shotgun an "assault weapon" and therefore a felony to possess. Fucking moron liberals!

Dave picked up his today too, so we celebrated over many beers and naming off some accessories we want. After the 'new gun' buzz wears off I'll start shopping for a few accessories like a sling, folding stock/pistol grip combo, and maybe a Surefire setup for when some poor bastard wants to try his luck breaking into my house he'll get to experience that Manfred Mann moment:

"Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douchebag in a body bag tonight..." Yeah, I can make up my own lyrics for that song too.

Now who's got some cabbage that needs fucking up?


Anonymous said...

CD, I have a surprise for you on Thursday. So be sure to check my facebook.

CharlieDelta said...

Well damn Paul. I will be sure and do that Thursday. Not even a hint? I can't even begin to guess WTF surprise you are talking about.

rayvet said...

CD, don't even joke about sending Feinstein or any one of your lib/dim/socialist lawmakers a picture of a weapon. They'll do everything within their power to have it interpreted as a threat against them and you'll be blogging from a cell. With regards to guns, don't know if you remember me asking you some gun advice a couple years ago as I'd never owned one. Two years later, I have a Neos 22 pistol, Kimber 45, XDM 9mm, XD 40, Taurus Judge, 12 gauge pump, Henry lever 17, and a Smith and Wesson MP 22. I'm still looking at getting a CZ 223 or possibly a Marlin 35, but haven't committed yet. My collection is coming along quite well as I fear they may be needed in the very near future as a means of self preservation.

kerrcarto said...

NICE!! and like RayVet said. I would advise against sending a picture. They will hunt you down like a mad dog bloodhound.

Anonymous said...


That attachment on the end of the barrel is not a knife, it is a device to slit the plastic shot collar as it comes out so as to make sure the shot spreads properly at the skeet range!

kerrcarto said...

There is no other sound that will make an intruder shit his pants faster than the sound of a 12 guage being chambered.

CharlieDelta said...

Nah Ray, I wasn't serious about sending them a picture for the reasons you list above. It would just be fun to send them a pic with the bayonet mounted and my 1-finger salute to their bullshit goals and intentions when it comes to more fucking anti-gun legislation. But who's to say that there has to be a return address on the envelope. And I could have my eyes blacked out like the cover to AC/DC's Dirty Deeds album. Not that I would ever do that or advocate such an act of rebellion towards a bullshit police state mentality.

That sound is so unique and intimidating that when the bastard took off running, it would be easy to find him. Just follow the brown runny brick road. Here's the deal though; since there are never children or randoms ever near my firearms, especially my shotgun, I already have one chambered and ready to roll so if I'm ever in that situation, the other poor bastard isn't going to have a chance to run. Once that safety is off, there's going to be nine rounds of hell fury barking in his face. Alternating between .00 Buck and these expanding slugs that AlphaDelta turned me onto. They will need a Shop Vac to pick up the scattered remains.


chrischaos said...

fuck you cabage sounds BOMB