Monday, August 29, 2011

I Almost Forgot...

It is FOD!!! I think the link over at Drudge says it all. Three Minutes...Two Teleprompters

This asshole is fucking pathetic. Seriously? You can't even nominate someone to a job without having to read the prepared remarks? Gotdamn.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and I will never need a teleprompter to say that. Douchebag.


PeggyU said...

So the bastard can read. Whooptedoo! My 13-year-old can deliver a spontaneous speech without a teleprompter. Should I start grooming him for office? He's obviously more qualified than Obama.

CharlieDelta said...

I was just working on a FOD post myself but since I intentionally avoided any and all "news" the last few days, I was having to catch up on current events. Some dude in the comments of one article I was reading was pretty good, and went something like this:

[If anything positive can be taken from Hurricane Irene it is this; one job was created. Our fearless leader became an authority on giving the weather. It was like meteorologist Barry Obama on the TV. When he is defeated in 2012, at least he'll be able to fall back on that one job created and show his expertise as Chicago's very own meteorologist, Barak 'Hurricane' Obama on WGN. "Unexpected" will once again be his favorite vocabulary word that he uses.]


CenTexTim said...

'Hurricane' obama reports: "Tornadoes devastate Iowa. It's all Bush's fault. Film at eleven."

I'd call him a worthless douchebag but that would be an insult to millions of feminine hygiene devices.

Goldenrod said...

He's probably got a telepromter in the restroom to guide him through what should come naturally.
I'm sure he has plenty of mirrors so as to admire himself.

Harper said...

I'm sure he has plenty of mirrors so as to admire himself.

Yeah, of the fun house variety that make him appear white, good looking and well endowed. The same set of mirrors that make Michelle's ass appear normal sized and render Hillary's testicles invisible between her thin thighs.

JeremyR said...

Three minutes
Two teleprompters
One Maroon
Zero to say