Monday, August 22, 2011

Neither Of You Two

The dude narrating the Honey Badger was neither of you. It was Gadahn the American least intimidating terrorist in the world. What a faggotty sounding asshole.

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CharlieDelta said...

What a piece of shit. Thinks he's some kind of gift from God; a wise man on the "cutting edge" of the death cult known as islam. No question about it, Gadahn is a major peter-puffer if I've ever heard one. I wonder how often he gets passed around from mosque to mosque in his local mud house taliban community? Behind his back, the regular dirty arab taliban moose-limbs are all laughing at him and calling him a 'sand whigger' and a 'poseur'.

What he really is, is a fucking loser! One too many games of Dungeons and Dragons if you ask me. That, or he's permanently trippin' on LSD. The dude lives in a fantasy world of warlords and magic and potions and fairies.....and I'm talkin' lot's of fairies. LOL!

I mean, does anyone reading this really consider him to be a threat? I sure as hell don't. He's just a nerdy faggoty kid that probably never got laid in high school. To me, he's more of a nuisance; kinda like having a case of the crabs, a liberal co-worker, or a wet fart.

And maybe he IS a gift from God. Big deal! I've partied with God on a number of occasions and have seen him give the same gift to one of his old neighbors that he didn't like. It was in a brown paper bag that he lit on fire and put on his neighbor's front porch before he rang the doorbell and ran...

In this case however, God put that 'gift' on the front porch of Human Kind. The paper sack has been lit on fire and this time it's loaded with Adam Gadahn.