Friday, August 5, 2011

Told Ya

I don't mean to be an "I told you so."  But I told you so.  I can't remember where, it was either here or over at Denny's place. HELLO higher interest rates. Do y'all realise that our interest rate to China just went from around 2% to probably close to 7% on a couple trillion dollars? Bye-Bye..Oh now I remember. Isn't it weird how the really shitty news always breaks on a Friday evening. Makes a guy wonder if there isn't a conspiricy afoot.

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Harper said...

No question about the Friday evening timing. Just like mass corporate downsizing/firings. Do it on Friday so they can cool off over the weekend instead of come back and shoot everyone the next day. In D.C. they wait until after the markets close to break bad news. Our online retirement account information is 'unavailable due to system maintenance' this weekend - also not a coincidence.

So now how long will the debt ceiling expansion last? I cannot believe that people won't get information for themselves rather than just accept what the gummint and MSM tell them.

Camp Blownstar is looking more and more like where our revolutionary headquarters need to be. Think you can set up a long term lease for us?