Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuck All Democrats

So, the seat formerly occupied by Anthony  (Dickface Scumbag Liar Liar Pants on Fire ) Weiner went to a Republican. The first time in 90 years that a Democrat has not held that seat and The Cooncracker says it is not a referendum on his policies.

And then you have this cunt saying that we don't deserve to keep our own money.

You fucksticks just keep on lying and showing your hand. It is all coming undone at the seams and I for one am going to sit back with a Shiner Bock in one hand and my .12ga in the other and watch your Progressive dream nightmare burn to the fucking ground.

Hopefully we run all you cocksuckers out of this country after this election and you never come back. If you like communism so much there are lots of other places for you to live. Move there.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is for the cum gargler that is driving around with the Obama 2012 sticker on his Mini-Cooper, that I called a Commie fuck at the stop light this morning.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Get da fuck out you slimy ass bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm reporting you to ATTAAAACK WAAAAAAAATCH!!

kerrcarto said...

Paul, LMAO, go for it! Let some dicksmacks show up at my house and protest me. Guaranty you they won't like how it ends.

CharlieDelta said...

Boy that was a rough 4:37 of listening to that Shitkowsky cunt. Typical left wing lunatic that deserves nothing less than the finest tar and feathering possible.

As for ATTAAAAAAACK WAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH, I'm going to make a report every single day to those pricks just to waste their time and make myself feel good about it. I will report that they still are socialist assholes that don't get it and THE PEOPLE understand they never will.

That site alone is proof positive that the left is shitting their pants about 2012 and that makes me smile. I will probably be doing the same kerrcarto. With the cold beer and shotgun in hand.

BG said...

They allow Mini Coopers in K-town? I thought you had to have an SUV and/or Dually to live there?

I cannot believe after all the crap that has happens that people still have those on their vehicles.