Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fuck The Middle East

I'm getting out of this stinkbeard shithole at the right time. Getting out of this shitty State of Commiefornia by the first of the year, but getting the fuck out of downtown El Cajon immediately. Fuck this place, and fuck you Clintoon, Dubya and TOTUS for bringing the Middle Eastern trash to my (old) little part of the world and giving them a free ride to turn this city into another 3rd world shithole in the name of "immigration".

Fuck all of you middle eastern "refugee" scumbags, and the sheep that rode you on the way here. Fuck your pedophile allah too. May pig shit be upon him!


rayvet said...

CD, tell us how you really feel there buddy. Me thinks you should move to either flyover country or down here to the Southeast. Don't move into any "city" areas and live in the rural (not even suburbs) area and you'll be Mooselimb free with the exception of the ocassional gas station owner. And I believe they know their place in our community. We (the community) actually forced one out of business when he refused to show all the TV coverage during the 9/11 fiasco. When word got out that he wanted the TVs in his establishment turned off while we were trying to watch stuff, he was deemed a Mooselimb sympathizer and no one patronized his ice cream establishment again. Now it's under new, non foreign ownership.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could join ya. The garbage in San Diego is unreal it's the reason I moved my family out to Boulevard. Fuck Cali 1 year 9 months and I retire and am outta here. Hope you make it to someplace good man.


kerrcarto said...

RayVet, I'm pretty sure CD has his sights set on Texas! Ooops there I go with that dangerous rhetoric.

rayvet said...

"sights" and Texas in the same sentence. How appropriate. I've met a lot of people from Texas and never did I meet one that wished they still didn't live there. Good luck if that's the direction your going in CD. Maybe you could go work for that Sheriff Joe Arapio and kick illegal immigrant butt while you're there. I'd take a leave from my clinic for a few months if I could go work with that guy and taunt the criminals the way he does.

CharlieDelta said...

kerrcarto is correct. I'm gonna give Texas a try. Hopefully by the 1st of the year. I need to get back to work yesterday! Not sure where exactly, but at this point it's "Destination TX" for me. No question about it. Of all the differet States I've visited/partied-in in my adult life I felt most at home there. My first time in Texas was for Blownstar in '08 at the invite of kerrcarto (thanks again brother). I went by myself not ever meeting anyone there face to face before and I felt like I knew some people for decades. The kind of people I would trust and want to fight the enemy with, whether it be at the ballot box or in the streets when the shit goes down.

Here? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Besides my family here and long-time friends that I can still call friends without plugging my nose, the rest of this State can kiss my white ass! Commiefornia can implode and crack off into the ocean for all I care. Learn to swim motherfuckers!

Thanks man. And you too! I have a ways to go before I can retire but all options are on the table for me right now. No alimony, no kids, no real debt of any kind, cashing in on my 401k and getting the fuck out of here. I'm a free bird right now and it feels good to fly! Not sure about you but I was born and raised here. Never left. Wanted to leave for the last 15 years but never had the reason (or the balls) to quit a good paying job and try something new. I lost my job a few weeks ago and that was the push I finally needed. Fuck this place!

I like Boulevard. Been out there many times on a Sunday cruise with nothing to do. It's beautiful. Too bad it's still Commiefornia. I suppose the only trash you have to deal with is the occasional tweeker or group of wetbacks running through huh? Nothing a rifle and shotgun wont take care of. I hope you make that 1 yr. 9 mo. and get the fuck out before La Raza's criminals run you out. Those scumbags just keep moving east! Good luck to you man.

Damn you kerrcarto and your dangerous rhetoric!

rayvet said...

Good luck on your new journey CD. With little to hold you back and tie you down, it sounds like now's the time to make a break for freedom (yes, we still have it here in the country, you just now have to "seek" it out as sad as that sounds). I'm at a point in my life (age, business, family committments etc.) that I don't think I could do what you are doing, but then again, if I was in the shithole you are, I might have to "find a way". Sucks that you have to cash in on your 401K, but hell, the way things are going, it won't be worth shit in a few years so might as well use it now while it has some value.

CharlieDelta said...

Thanks Ray. Should be an interesting one. You only live once right?

And yeah, my sentiments exactly on the 401k. Who's to even say I'll make it to retirement age to cash in on it tax free? Who's to say the world will be here by then?

Fukitol said...

'Bout damn time, CD. Good on you for bailing outta Cali. All the best to ya man.

Cavedogg said...

Well CD yes born in Long Beach and raised in the Orange County area and have been wanting to leave for the past twenty years. Got my chance comming soon. If you come back out Boulevard way before you leave we should hook up I'll buy the first round.

CharlieDelta said...

I'll be passing Boulevard on my way out of town I-8 eastbound. I might have to take you up on that. I'll get the 2nd round, up to and including the 7th. Maybe I could hire a local wettie to drive my drunkass to Texas. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!