Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Are The Odds?

So Caliph Cooncracker held a town hall and was taking questions from the audience. Watch first.

Now, the odds have to be astronomical that the Cooncracker calls on this guy (Doug Edwards, Google him, ironic ain't it) and he just happened to have worked for Google (what a fucking coincidence huh?) and then the dude asks Caliph Commie to raise his taxes. They have to be huge! Like one in a google. I bet these two have never, ever, ever, ever met each other before and he most definitily didn't donate to the JigabooRedneck's campaign.

If this wasn't set up, I'll eat my hat. Next thing you know the crowd will just be packed with his administration members asking him loaded questions.

Commie: "Yes, you in the front row."
Fat Ass Wookie: "Mr. President, my name is Michelle, I don't know you but I live in your neighborhood, My question to you is will you please replace that old dusty constituion with your personal agenda"
CommieFuckface: "Sure, ummm, what was your name again?"
Fat Commie Bitch: "Umm, Michelle."
LyingButtfucker: "Sure Michelle, I think we can make that happen"

Pure fucking propaganda. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I can't take this shit much longer!!!

In another thought. Haven't the Democrats Liberals Progressives Communists been telling us for YEARS that the Republican party is the party of the EEEEVIL rich dude? So, where did all these democrats that have more money than they need, and can afford to give more to the federal government come from?

Fuck all you liars and your useful idiots!


Anonymous said...

Fuckin' douchebag. If that question was directed at me? My response would have gone something like this:

Awesome President: "Mr. Douchebag. Can I call you that? Grrrrrrreat. How much did you pay in taxes last year? How much do you think you should have paid last year? Mmmmkay. Put down that microphone, pull out your checkbook, and write a check for the difference. Make it out to the IRS and I will personally hand deliver it for you. Oh I'm sorry. You don't want to do that? Well then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"

Anonymous said...

Because there lies the problem. These fucksticks who think they aren't taxed enough push their high tax agenda onto the rest of us, then hide behind tax loopholes so they don't have to feel it. Limousine liberals just love other people's money.

I started boycotting Google about six months ago. http://boycott-google.net/

kerrcarto said...

Well then, I guess we are going to have to ditch blogger . It is Google owned!

Anonymous said...

What? DOHHHH!!!! open mouth insert foot.

CharlieDelta said...

I watched this. Then watched it again. Then watched it again...

When I finally calmed down and decided to spare my monitor ballistics testing, I started to laugh. Fuck, I'm still laughing.

This is all they have! This is seriously all they have. I'll take extra butter please!

When Pelousy said, "transparent" I didn't think that cunt meant THIS transparent. A bunch of desperate fools are running this country and that is no laughing matter. What IS funny is silly childish bullshit like this that will be the downfall of the biggest farce of POTUS history. And it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, although you're a racist and anti-American if you don't swallow what you're being spoon fed by the "2nd" black POTUS...

I want extra salt too! Extra butter AND salt!