Monday, October 3, 2011

Barking Moonbattery

Check out how stupid these Wall Street protestors are. This weekend, they were protesting the usual suspects like Capitalism and greedy profiteers and Republicans and blah blah blah. They were protesting the bank bailouts but also calling for Obama's reelection at the same time. Someone should point out to these freakshows that then-Senator Obama voted for TARP. His Party, the Democraps, were in charge of both the House and Senate at that time. And Senator Dodd, who has thankfully retired, was the one responsible for sneaking in the AIG bonuses. You all remember that? So these protestors are, in a nutshell, complete total fucking idiots.


kerrcarto said...

Useful idiots. They will be put in line right behind me when the commies take over. Happens every time.

CharlieDelta said...

SHTF maybe sooner than later?

Anonymous said...

If corporations, capitalism and banks are so evil, then all these dumbasses should immediately shed their clothes and move into caves. They can eat and cover themselves with whatever they can scrounge from the forest. Otherwise, owning or using anything produced by corporations and/or funded by banks would be hypocritical.