Wednesday, November 16, 2011

America's Finest Niggers XIII

Niggaz in Queens. You know, maybe genocide is the answer. There is no hope for you people.


Bear said...

I'm a little concerned... the last two AFN posts haven't involved fast food. Does this mean it's spreading to the subways?

What a bunch of fucking animals.

Fukitol said...

Two words come to mind: Paul Kersey.

'nuff said.

CharlieDelta said...

Typical niggers. Much like beaners, they aren't lookin' for a fight if it's 1 on 1. That would be too fair of a fight. Nah, they like it MO' BETTAH when it's 3 or more niggers on 1 cracker and chit!

Fuckin' animals should be put down like an animal. Kinda like Old Yeller, but instead of heartbreaking hesitation and tears of sadness and pain, it would be instant reaction and jumps of joy, back flips, loud cheering, fireworks, topless chicks on brass poles, a few kegs, industrial-sized hookah, FULL BAR with bottomless complimentary drinks for all, and tears of utter joy!

Oh and I almost forgot about Mr. Paul Kersey. He would've mopped nigger chunks of their miniscule brains off the floor with their nappy nigger heads, given that infamous Kersey smirk of a job well done and casually walked away like only Kersey can do...

Fuckin' niggers!

kerrcarto said...

Hey, niggaz got to do what niggaz do. Or at least that is what all the rap music teaches them. Forzizzle.