Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coming To A Computer Near You...

...higher internet rates.

The offer will start next summer and is part of an initiative the Federal Communications Commission cobbled together to get more U.S. homes connected to broadband.
This is bullshit. I pay $55.10 a month for internet service. Just for internet. No cable. No sattelite. Nothing else. Which in itself is outfuckingrageous. Now because the government says so, ISP's are going to have to provide what I pay $55 bucks for to someone else for $10 is fucking bullshit. You know exactly what that is going to lead to. MY internet rates are going to go up. The providers are going to have to fill the void somehow. 
Why the fuck not. We are gotdamned redisrtributing every other fucking thing in the universe why the fuck not internet service. Next thing you know I am going to have to share my fucking car with some crack head mother fucker because he can't afford one.
I am about sick to death of this entitlement mentallity the poor have, because of our government. If you can afford $10 a month for internet how about taking that $10 and BUY SOME FUCKING BREAD AND BALOGNE! Oh fuck, never mind. Your most likely on food stamps already. Fuck it. Go get yourself a crack rock. We will pay for all your shit. Fucking cockroaches.


Harper said...

I pay for a bundle that includes internet, phone & TV. It is $115 before tax and all the other charges. My bill runs $180 a month. If I wanted just the internet outside of the bundle, it would be $79. Roughly $25 of my bill is fees and surcharges that pay for other people to have phone and internet service cheap.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to get a divorce, so I could represent myself as a single parent and thereby qualify for all of these programs that are determined by free school lunch eligibility.

CharlieDelta said...

I am so fucking sick of all this taxing of the producers in this county to pay for the lazy fucking free-loader's "free" school lunches, "free" welfare and food stamps, and now internet service so cheap that it might as well be "free" for society's leeches.

If these motherfuckers are so gotdamn poor and can only afford what I made per hour when I worked at Home Depot at 19 yrs. old, how in the fuck can they afford PC's? Is there a government program that gives PC's to the scumbags on the tax-payer's dime that I haven't heard about?

And why can't these people go to their local library and use the internet there? And with their edoomahkashun, are they really going to be able to have any type of real success on Whitey's Wide Web?

"YO YO YO Tyrone! How you spell "www" and shiiiiiiiiiit???

kerrcarto said...

The Federal Communications Commission and cable and computer firms announced a program today to provide low-income homes with $10 monthly broadband Internet service and $150 computers.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is nothing....Here in the Low income housing units"Known as Nigger nests", they get unrestricted central air conditioning for $12.00 a month.Used to be $10.00 a month ,when it went to $12.00 thought they were going to riot but none of them wanted to leave the comfort of air conditioned bliss.