Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fuck You, I'm Drunk! Fucked Up Just Right!

It's late Friday into the early morning hours of Saturday and I'm feelin' good right now. I mean, really good! Really good and drunk. I came across this bitchen song while I was searching for something else on YouTube. I can't say that I've ever heard any Bondo before, but apparently this tune is one of theirs. Great song. I'm going to have to put together a compilation cd one of these days with nothing but songs about getting fucked up. This would be a great one for around the campfire.

This is the song I was looking for when I drunkenly stumbled upon the Bondo tune above. If anyone can guess who Suicidal Tendencies stole the rhythm guitar parts of this jam from, I will post everyday for one full week a different example of how fucking cool you are. Because really, if you can get this there is no question in my mind how fucking cool you are. You gotta name the band, song, and album. The rhythm guitar parts I'm talking about are the same and they're at 0:09, 0:40, 1:59, 3:41, 4:26 .

And I guess I shouldn't say Suicidal "stole" it from anyone. It just sounds exactly the same to me. Maybe Mike Clark had never even heard this band I'm referring to before. I mean, Mike Clark is a badass in his own right. Who knows? My buddy burned me a shitload of Suicidal cd's a few days ago that I haven't heard in a long fucking time, and when this song came on I noticed the rhythm guitar right away. If it's not identical, it's fuckin' close. Same chords for sure.

I'm pretty confident that no one is going to be able to get this, or even come close. But what the hell. Here are some hints:
  1. I have posted the band and song here at GGDF before. Maybe a couple times.
  2. It was a live performance that I posted, both times.
  3. The album was recorded in TX and released in 1990.
  4. The band has toured right alongside Suicidal Tendendies.
  5. The song is the 6th track on their studio album and has been covered by a Finnish band, a Spanish band, a kick-ass metal band from Wales, and a band from Texas.
Good luck...


Harper said...

Cowboys from Hell

Paul said...

Fuck! Harper beat me to it. More proof that Harper is like one of the coolest babes on the planet!

Harper said...

Clearly CD didn't take into account the local connection. The Abbott brothers are hometown boys. I have had the privilege of partying with Pantera, back in the day. No comment on how many years ago that was.

kerrcarto said...


CharlieDelta said...

Dammit! Nicely done Harper.

Clearly I was hammered last night and made this way too easy. #3 and #5 should've been omitted from my post. At least I could've made it a LITTLE challenging. I didn't consider Google in my genius little plan. When I got up this afternoon at 4pm I rushed to the computer to edit the post but it was too late.

Oh well. There's no use in crying over spilled beer. What's done is done. This is a perfect example of how alcohol consumption affects one's judgement, and I hope you kids out there have learned from my mistake.

Again, nicely done Harper. My hat is off to you. I better go pick up some more beer, cause it's time to get creative...

InsomniacSeeker said...

I think you had them speechless there for about a minute or two. :)