Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Lovin' It? What A Kroc!

Ya know, even after seeing dozens of these types of videos over the years, and now all of these in the AFN series, the ones that take place in fast food joints, I never really pondered much about how sad it really is, and how scarey it must be to be a kid in today's fucked up world. I mean, I've noticed how much society has degenerated into a bunch of degenerate fucks in just the last 20 years alone. No shit! Who hasn't noticed that? I've seen so much of this type of shit on the news and in person that I've become immune to any emotional reaction from it. After all, it's just a bunch of stupid niggers anyways right? Just out doin' their thing and gettin' their nig on, yo! Well, actually in my case it was mainly the beaners. O'delay! Just out doin' their thing and gettin' their bean on, essay! If it was white trash doing this shit, I would be equally as unaffected and immune to any type of feeling. I have just become numb to it all.

But for some reason, when I watched that feral nigger in the AFN XIV video below punch the girl in a McDonalds it gave me a reaction. I mean McDonalds is supposed to be a happy place right? A safe place? A guy punching a girl in the face like that is never acceptable! Never! Well...actually....there are some exceptions that I would find knocking some bitch out perfectly acceptable. Like, if that nigger punched Rosie O' Fatfuck, Cindy Shithann or Cuntessa Brewer in the face, I would probably buy him a 20pk of chicken nuggets, a 40 of King Kobra, and a blunt! But then again, can those haggered bitches really be considered women?

But seriously, I don't know why it was different this time. Is it because I can remember as a kid how much of a treat it was to go to McDonalds? How I don’t remember there being hoards of niggers infesting the World Famous McDonalds franchise when I was a little kid? Even as a teenager I don’t remember ever being worried about a beat-down in the line to get a fucking Big Mac, fries and coke. What a shame. Why do niggers always have to ruin a good thing?

Raymond Kroc, in 1954 turned a small burger flippin’ joint into the biggest and most recognized, most successful fast food chain in history! He was a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and San Diego Padres owner. He established the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and was a major donor to other honorable organizations. He was a man with love in his heart. He was a man with my admiration and complete respect. They don’t make men like Ray Kroc anymore, which is a shame. He passed away in January of 1984 at Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego. He was 81 years old. God bless his soul.


kerrcarto said...

They still make men like Kroc.

rayvet said...

CD, your hatred for these vile pigs is well placed. I think we can all agree that other than the color of their skin, there is one other common denominator to all these AFN clips you have been collecting. The common denominator is..............inner-city. Yup, I said it. The inner cities and the life styles that they promote, necessitate and encourage is quite anti-american. As a matter of fact, I would argue, having human beings stacked like cord wood in small urban environments may actually be devolutionary, as apposed to evolutionary. Until American realize that cramming so many people, of different nationalties and ethnicities in one place is nothing but a recipt for disaster, we will continue to see a decline in the human condition. For those of you that post on here regularly that might live in "urban jungles", I apologize for the next comment. If every major, large population city would fall off the face of the earth tomorrow, someone please answer this question. Other than the obvious animals sucking off the government teat, criminals, polluters, consumers (as opposed to producers), and dregs of society, what or who of significance would really be lost. Don't give me "the arts" BS either because anyone that thinks museums, theatres etc. are important to the human condition are libtards. I am on a mission for the remaining years of my life (regarless of how long and short that is). My mission is to point out the senselessness and the sheer stupidity of living like roaches in urban environments and how it goes against all the "hunter gatherer" instinct that is in our genetic code. It is this lifestyle that creates the dregs of society and the acceptance of that way of life. Rant over.

CharlieDelta said...

Right on Ray. I can dig it.

I live in an urban jungle, and have my entire life, but not for long. It took me a while to realize it, but I wasn't born to live in a "melting pot" with "diversity". And just because I was born in one, doesn't mean I have to stick around in one. I was born to live around my 'kind' of people. And what I mean by 'kind' has nothing to do with color of skin. It's all what's in the head; a mentality and a way of thinking and living our lives. Those of you that know me know what I mean.

Fortunately, I'll be out of this concrete jungle of Mexifornia and around folks that are more my 'kind' soon. Just not soon enough.