Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Trifecta

I had my doubts yesterday if Herman was going to stay in. I hope he does or I wasted $5 and will have to replace the Herman sticker with a Newt sticker.

Before CD gives me shit about the Obama/Biden 2012 sticker idea. I just couldn't stand the thought of giving the Communist party $3. That $3 would buy a beer, and if given to them, would have been a misappropriation of funds.


InsomniacSeeker said...

My car seems to want to gravitate and slam into the bumper of those idiots who have the Obummer re-election sticker on them. I don't know what gets into it at times.


Fukitol said...

Two things... we will all find out next Wednesday whether or not Cain continues on in the primary, and Dennis Miller threw Herman under the bus two weeks ago on The O'asshole Factor, and buried him today.

"Herman — who I still like — seems like a goofball now," talk show host Dennis Miller, an early Cain endorser, said on his talk show today. "I still like the guy, but he's unelectable." Miller went on to admit that his gut instincts about Cain had been wrong.

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kerrcarto said...

I saw Miller tonight on O'blowhard. But, there has been not one piece of corroborating evidence to any of the allegations.

I have a feeling that next Wednesday Herman will lay out all the info on this weeks media whore.

Until then, I stand by my man for president.

Fukitol said...

Kerrcarto, I've been a Cain supporter since he announced, and I hope that you are right about Herman doing that.

'Cause who the average American dumbfuck voter and the MSM is pushing now is a complete whack job.

Oh, and fuck Rep. West too!

Treacherous asshole.