Friday, December 2, 2011

Americas Finest Niggaz XIII

Some dude named Mike sent me an FOD e-mail chiding us for using the "n-word". Well Mike, this one is for you.

P.S. I will not be putting your little african/american baby flipping the bird picture up on the wall. Be a little more creative.


Anonymous said...

She says the system failed her? So the system is supposed keep her knees together? The system is supposed to keep the multiple bastard-producing fathers' cocks in their pants? The system is supposed to be responsible for her bastard offspring when she and the bastard-producing fathers are not? Fucking bitch-whore.

Goldenrod said...

Sounds like 15 more votes for liberals.

Johan Galt said...

Legs in the air.

Legs in the air.

Making you look like a whore.

Harper said...

Why don't the liberal Hollyweird celebs that are creating a multi-racial brood of adopted children ever look to inner city America for kids to adopt? Call me callous, but I guarantee that this lady would offer up a kid or two if the price were right.

CharlieDelta said...

After it was first discovered that the bitch had 12 niglets and was living in squalor, the only thing she should've been GIVEN by ANYONE is tubal ligation. Tyrone Appleseed should have been vasectomized as well. NO EXCEPTIONS! I mean, it's the VERY LEAST the State of Florida should be doing for their tax payers.

If it was up to me, the bitch would be picking up trash on the side of the highways, scrubbing toilets and doing other shitty bitch work that Floridian tax payers are paying for. The fathers would also be doing shitty work that would otherwise be paid for by more taxes for FL citizens. Both parents would remain sentenced for life. This would help accomplish a few things...
1.) They would actually have to PAY for the BAD CHOICES they made, and taxpayers could pay for important things such as new roads, border security, and strip clubs.
2.) It would be a good deterrent to help keep future nigs from making the same bad CHOICES.
3.) It would give anyone who has seen that video the satisfaction of saying back to her, "Someone IS paying now, and that someone is you, nigger!"