Monday, December 19, 2011

He Is The One We Have Been Waiting For

Congressional members are not allowed to say Merry Christmas in any official correspondence. But the Christmas Tree on the U.S. Capitol can have an ornament proffesing some ones love for the Cooncracker?
 Hypocrites. I cannot stand this shit much longer. The duct tape wrapped around my head is getting dangerously close to the point of failure.

Or, does it really say, "I Love President Oblamo"?


rayvet said...

Since day one I knew this halfrican was a narcissist. These things just prove it. It's all about him and his belief system. NEVER is it about this country or its history, or its well being. We need this piece of shit replaced and the sooner the better.

Goldenrod said...

The heart in that ornament should be replaced with a turd.

Johan Galt said...

Looks likes Chris "Tingles" Matthews hand writing