Friday, December 2, 2011

Life update week I

Well, the emotions have worn off. I've accepted the situation, but I'm not sleeping well. I officially kicked off the job search yesterday having completed my new resume and was able to talk to two real estate firms in the Dallas area. Neither firm was hiring but one wanted my resume and the other gave me some names to contact. I posted some information on a real estate related web site so there's another hook in the water.

By that time it was time to pick up my daughter from school. I was able to watch about one quarter of Seahawks football as they proceeded to kick the shit out of Philadelphia!! BWAHAHAHAH!! Then we headed over to my son's middle school to watch his concert performance. He plays the french horn and is pretty damn good but he wants to play guitar, instead. He has a higher-end Fender but needs guitar lessons (note to self: get on that soon). As is tradition, I take the kids to McDonalds after a school function.

Unfortunately, I had to tell them that this would be the last McDonalds trip for a while due to a very tight money supply. They understood because we had our long talk about two nights ago. My daughter was cool with it because she's young but also because she loves loves loves her grandparents in Dallas (my parents). But my twelve-year-old was holding back the tears. He has some really great friends here. I told him the Internet is a beautiful thing and vacation trips to Washington will definitely be in our future. After all, this is the most beautiful place on earth during the summertime. He is very liked in school and makes friends easily and so I suspect he'll quickly make new friends in Texas.

Today I found a job opening that I'm well qualified for in San Antonio. Even though I'm not targeting that particular part of Texas, I will apply for every job I find. No stone will be left unturned. I also filed for unemployment online today, which tested my dignity as I have never ever pursued government assistance at any point in my life ever! But I pay a lot of taxes so damnit help me the fuck out. Anyway, I was prepared to apply in person but CharlieDelta thankfully saved me from that misery by informing me that all of this can be done online. Thanks CD! Because the last thing I want to do is stand in a long miserable line with a bunch of degenerates and their screaming babies, all of whom I'm paying for.

So it's about 3:15 Texas time, and I'm going to contact at least two more real estate firms in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area today. My goal is to contact as many firms as possible each day and send my resume to as many places as possible. It's the old junk mail strategy.

At some point I need to start researching places to live. Unfortunately, we'll be renters for a while until I climb up the money tree once again. My financial situation has been deteriorating across the last six months due to slower work, which has lead to lower income, together with inflation, and of course higher utilities costs during fall and winter. It finally unraveled with the layoff notice representing the corn kernel atop the turd cake. My perfect credit has taken a beating as a result because I started falling behind on mortgage payments, and my revolving debt surged a bit. Add the unfortunate reality that my mortgage note is higher than what my property is worth and we have ourselves a losing situation. FannieMae has scheduled a meeting with me to discuss potential mortgage assistance, and the bank has scheduled a meeting to discuss all of the options available to me. Good fucking times.

Well, back to job searching...


A Political Junkie said...

Some years ago, a good friend of mine was laid off from the oil industry when the price tanked (I always love how they referred to it as a "lay off"). I had to laugh when he told me that when he went in person to apply for unemployment insurance, he had a difficult time telling which side of the desk the deadbeat was sitting on.

All the best.

kerrcarto said...

Hang in there buddy. Texas will treat you kind.

PeggyU said...

Paul - A friend of ours just got hired 6 months after being laid off. He starts his new job on Monday, and we are celebrating tomorrow night. As upsetting as his layoff was, he is in a much better job now. So, I wish the same for you!!!

Omnibus Driver said...

I'm sorry for this news, but glad you have friends and family to go home to. I'll be keeping you and the kids in my prayers.

Joel Leggett said...

Do not ever take a cent of government assistance. If you do you are less of a man. Do not buy into that crap that says just because you pay taxes that it is ok to get something back when you need it. Keep your dignity intact and stay off the dole.

Paul said...

Bullshit, Joel.

kerrcarto said...

Joel, I happen to know for a fact that Paul is a man of integrity. Sometimes life deals us a hand that we have no control over, but I know that Paul will not take a handout, but a hand up.

Joel Leggett said...

You can like what I say or hate what I say. The simple truth is that the world is divided between those who find a way and those who make excuses for their failure to do so. If you go on the dole, and lets not pretend that is not what we are talking about, then you are no better than those parasites leaching off the rest of productive America. I suggest you read "The Time it Never Rained" by Elmer Kelton in order to better understand what I am talking about. Maybe my attitude is due to the fact that I am from a family that has had to undergo hard times and suceed on its own without begging for help from the government. At any rate, we did it on our own and retained our dignity, something you can't do when you are living off the dole.

CharlieDelta said...

"If you go on the dole, and lets not pretend that is not what we are talking about, then you are no better than those parasites leaching off the rest of productive America."


You couldn't be any more wrong Joel. Trying to make a comparison of parasites on the dole with someone on unemployment is fucking ridiculous. It's apples and oranges man. The leeches aren't out there looking for work, aren't employable for various reasons of their own doing, and most likely don't want to have to EARN a living in the first place. They are lazy, too strung out on dope, or just too fucking stupid to even get a job, much less hold one down. They are the dregs of society with the entitlement mentality and are void of self confidence, self respect and self worth. They don't see anything degenerate about the free ride they are getting on the backs of working class Americans.

None of the above can be used to describe Paul or his morals and ethics. If his door was being knocked down with all sorts of job offers and he refused the work just to "get something back" for what he's put in, or because he wanted to sit around smokin' dope all day watching Dancing With The Tards and M*A*S*H* reruns, I would have a different take, but that's not what is going on here so I'm calling bullshit on your credo as well.

Would it be more 'honorable' to you if Paul refused to file for UI because of some bullshit pride, and instead was out slinging crack to the ghetto niggers? Maybe stealing cars, robbing liquor stores and/or burglarizing homes to stay above water and raise his kids? I mean, he wouldn't have to worry about being "less than a man" right? Because he wasn't "begging for help from the government?"


Harper said...

There is a world of difference between those utilizing a benefit that they have been paying into all of their working life versus those who make a living by taking handouts.

Paul is actively looking for work, something the people Joel eludes to might never do. Paul has assets, an education and resources that will see him right back on his feet before the average deadbeat cashes his next benefit check.

I assume Joel won't ever collect Social Security or utilize Medicare. Hell, he must not drive on city streets, go to a library, park or pool - those are all subsidized by taxpayers.

The dignity in providing for one's self and a family outweighs any of your over-politicized bullshit opinions on collecting unemployment.

Joel Leggett said...

“The dignity in providing for one's self and a family outweighs any of your over-politicized bullshit opinions on collecting unemployment.”

You see, that’s just it. You aren’t providing for your family when you are on the dole. Other people are providing for your family. The tax payers, most of which have no idea who you are, are paying (against their will, or at least their choice). State unemployment benefits are nothing more than a handout coerced from the tax payers to meet a responsibility you are failing to meet. You can church this up in any language you choose to make you feel better but at the end of the day if you take the handout it means you have asked the tax payers to take over a responsibility you no longer are meeting yourself.

If Paul wants the tax payers to assume the responsibility for providing for his family that is his choice. The current welfare system allows him to put the burden of meeting this responsibility on someone else. But let us at least have the intellectual honesty to recognize that is what is being done here.

Do not preach to me about the evils of socialism and wealth redistribution while shamelessly making excuses to justify benefiting from them.

Greg said...

CD, remember Bob the flag-ettiquette-warrior over on GOC ? I do believe his real name is know, fundamentally correct based on words and words alone?

Answer this question, Joel...when the time comes, will you be swearing off Social Security and Medicare?

Harper said...

I see in your Blogger profile that you list 'military' as your industry. Remind me who funds that, Joel. And then try to justify for me how an industry funded with tax dollars shouldn't be considered any more or less 'on the dole' than temporary unemployment benefits for a person who has been gainfully employed and paying taxes all their adult lives.

CharlieDelta said...

LMAO! Yup, I sure do Greg. Damn that was a while ago. Now that I think about it, I can't say that I remember seeing much of your comments on GOC since somewhere around that time. Where ya been?

If Joel isn't really Bob, he's probably a brother or some kind of kin. Did you notice how he avoided my questions entirely? That sounds like Bob to me...

Joel Leggett said...

Harper, you are not serious are you? Are you really comparing compensation for military service to welfare recipients? That has to be one of the most retarded arguments I have ever read. Let me brake this down for you in the most basic way I know how. The tax payers of this country do pay those of us who serve. In return for this pay we deploy to third world shit-holes for long periods of time separated from family and friends. I do not mention this to complain, I volunteered, I mention it because the tax payers of this country are getting something in return for their taxes. On the other hand, a welfare recipient provides nothing but a grasping hand. The man on the dole provides no services in return for the money that is redistributed from the taxpayer. The only thing he contributes to is the government debt.

As far as social security is concerned, it does not factor into my long term plans because I have no faith that the system will be around when I retire. Therefore it is a moot question. Same with Medicare. I have for some time been saving enough money to provide for myself and my family when I retire so that I do not have to be a burden to anyone else. I only wish I could opt out of social security and medicare so I could save even more money. I have no doubt that I could provide for myself better than the government. You see, that is how a free man acts. I provide for my own future. I don’t talk smack about socialism and then go crawling to the government for a handout when life gets a little hard.

Paul said...

First off, Joel. Thank you for your service. But. Fuck you.

"On the other hand, a welfare recipient provides nothing but a grasping hand. The man on the dole provides no services in return for the money that is redistributed from the taxpayer. The only thing he contributes to is the government debt."

This is where we part ways. I am not providing just a grasping hand. I have paid a lot of taxes into this system. These are benefits that I have paid for. I am not a welfare case, either. I am a property owner and I contribute to my community. I don't use food stamps. I don't live in government housing. I don't do any of that. I'm only collecting some monetary stipend that I have paid for to help carry us over while I build a new career. That's called a safety net, which helps stabilize society when times get rough. It works well when people use it and not abuse it. There's a big difference, and you obviously don't understand that. You live in this little box and nothing exists outside of it. I'm assuming the military has done that to you, which may be necessary.

If you are a career military man then I would like to remind you that most of your needs are provided for by me. I am not a government man, and so most of my needs are provided for by me as well. While I'm not crawling around in the sand box dodging bullets like you are, I am not some fucking parasite that you make me out to be. You sound like a bitter fool with absolutely no compassion for your fellow man whatsoever. There is a big difference between a compassionate society and a socialist society. Learn some history about socialism, fascism, and communism before you accuse me of hypocrisy. Because unemployment benefits don't equal socialism. 99 weeks of unemployment perhaps. In my case, I'll be using a minute fraction of that but I'm sure it's all the same to you.

Harper said...

I've lived on several sides of this debate - civilian, enlisted military family and officer military family, and it's been a few years, but I'll take a stab at the glaring contradictions in Joel's ideology.

If the internet, and Joel's extensive posting over the years, are to be trusted (and good Lord, why wouldn't we trust what we find on the internet?), Joel is an officer and USMC lawyer. He ain't exactly dodging bullets in the sandbox.

Joel was once an enlisted Marine. I'd bet that we paid for Joel's schooling.

I don't know how long Joel has been serving our fine country, so I'll guess that he's drawing about $6632 a month base pay. Plus BAH, BAS, free medical and dental for him and his dependents. Tax free shopping privileges at the exchange and commissary. Ultra cheap life insurance. He might live on base and get a free house. His kids might go to a DOD school. Cheap child care. Free or cheap community facilities; gyms, pools, libraries, museums, movie theater, sport fields, golf courses.

If ever he is sent to the 'sandbox', his pay is exempt from taxes (combat zone tax exclusion). Plus he'd get hostile fire/imminent danger pay.

Retainer/retirement is too convoluted to take an educated guess at, but it's one of the best deals going.

Let's not forget pre and post deployment counseling and support for the member and family. Free legal services.

I would never venture to put a price on a man's life, especially one who serves my country. But, in this world of absolutes that Joel likes to deal with, is every cent of pay and benefits that Joel (and his dependents) get out of his military service truly offset by the work he, one man, does?

Greg said...

Yeah, CD, I don't post often because when I do, my posts never come out saying what I intended to say. But don't worry...I'm still around.

Paul - best of luck. It's a little crappy out there, but something will turn up.

rayvet said...

Joel seems to be little ignorant of some facts. The unemployment money's are paid by the feds and the states, yes, BUT the pool is paid into by the employee as well as the employer. I've been in business for myself for 10 years. I have to match the amount of money that my employee pays into unemployment. I have yet to have any employee collect unemployment because they have either quit, or been fired for being some type of dumbass. However, IF I had to downsize, lay off etc. then they would be eligible for unemployment. I would expect them to receive it because both they and I paid into it. As a matter of fact, I just did some quick math and if two of my higher paid employees were laid off today, they could both collect unemployment for the next 6 months or thereabouts and that money would be the amount I have personally put into the pool as an employer over the last 10+ years. It wouldn't even count their contribution. So while Joel might be trying to preach about the welfare state, he's a bit uneducated about the reality of the money's origin.
I hope that made sense, it was a little convulated coming out of my keyboard.

Joel Leggett said...

Congratulations Harper, apparently your internet research skills are better than your logic and reasoning abilities. Of course, I use my actual name so it doesn’t require much in the way of research to figure out who I am.

First of all, while I did get some G.I. Bill money for my schooling it was by no means paid for entirely by that program. While I was in the artillery in my enlisted years my current job as a judge advocate does not require me to dodge bullets regularly like my combat arms brethren. That said, I have been, during my multiple deployments to Iraq mortared, shot at, and attacked on a foot mobil patrol in Saqlawea in which I provided first aid to a Marine that died. Nothing about that makes me some sort of hero or even rises to the same level of combat experienced by any of my friends in the infantry. However, I am not exactly the go-nowhere-pogue you insinuate.

I could make a lot more money being a lawyer on the civilian side. However, I do this job because I love being a Marine and serving my country. If you had an ounce of the character necessary to understand that you wouldn’t make the argument that those of us in the service are here for the PX privileges and the deployment tax benefits, none of which are worth the time and holidays I missed with my wife and kids while deployed.

I find it fascinating that you, Paul, and others want to draw some equivalence between military service and a government handout. I also find it telling that while you rail against socialists, welfare queens, and leftists you have no shame in making excuses for living off the dole when it is personally convenient. Paul, I found it particularly laughable when you accuse me of being bitter and lacking compassion when the site you contribute to is virulently racist and spectacularly vicious in its attacks against its political opponents. The degree of hypocrisy on display by you and others here is mind boggling in magnitude. It is always the merciless that are the first to scream for mercy, the pitiless that cry for pity.

While I do not have a high opinion of you Paul I am sorry you lost your job. My father lost his job once and I don’t wish that experience on my worst enemy. If you want to retain your self respect as a man then you will get a job, any job (even menial) to pay your own way and provide for your family instead of going on the dole. Just because you paid taxes doesn’t change the fact that your taking a handout and being a burden on the system. A real man carries his own load. You either do or you don’t. No amount of word smithing changes that fact.

rayvet said...

Joel, you neglected to comment on my posting above. How does Paul receiving unemployment compensation translate into being on the dole when 1) he paid into the program all the years he was employed and 2) his employer paid matching amount. Until someone does the exact math, for all we know, Paul will collect unemployment for say two months, which may not even equal the money he paid into the system (you know, those taxes that were his to begin with but taken by the government regardless of whether he ever used the system or not). I believe the people you are most likely referring to are the welfare whores (big difference between welfare and unemployment) and those that cheat the system living their ENTIRE lives on my and your dime. For unemployed folks that are unemployed due to no fault of their own, as far as I'm concerned, that's their money sitting there. AND I'm an employer that has yet to have to have his account debited for an ex employee.

Harper said...

What Rayvet said and...

I never said you were a 'go-nowhere-pogue'. Your initial reference about deploying to third-world shitholes invoked Chesty Puller-esque images that deserved clarification.

You see no parallels between the taxpayer funded benefits you enjoy and other government benefit programs. Nothing we can say will change your mind. Just like you will never get me to believe that my friend should not receive compensation from the benefits pool he has paid into during his employment.

While I did once call your opinions 'over-politicized bullshit', you have called me and mine; racist, hypocritical, illogical, unreasonable, retarded and intellectually dishonest, all the while impugning the character of my friend(s). I can't imagine why you haven't been blocked from this site yet.