Monday, January 23, 2012

America's Finest NWhiggers XVI

Thanks for breeding a nation of inconsiderate, little thug fucks rap artists. Thanks a million.

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CharlieDelta said...

That's when the Dad of the autistic kid goes and kids the ass of the punk ass whigger's dad. I have an autistic cousin, so I've had plenty of experience around people with that disorder. I wouldn't have even known that he had autism if they wouldn't have told us. Compared to my cousin, this kids doing just fine. There's no reason why he shouldn't be defending himself. WTF!! Especially against smaller punk ass little kids like the one that gave him the right hook.

Why isn't the dad out in the garage with him every night with a some boxing gloves teaching him how to fight back is what I want to know? At least to be able to block punches. That's what my dad did for my brother and me, and it paid off. Gotta take that initiative and get it done yourself the right way. There is no better justice than school yard justice in front of the entire recess crowds. Fuck the schools! And fuck their weak discipline when it comes to shit like this. If the kid was a stinkbeard, or a faggot, or some weird liberal kid, the school wouldn't already expelled the offending little bastards.

This shit pisses me off!