Thursday, January 19, 2012

CA Money Tree Harvests $213,191,205.86 For DOT

What is $213,191,205.86 you may ask? That's how many Mexican't pesos the Commiefornia Dept. of Transportation had laying around to be spent on whatever the fuck pointless, useless and moronic programs and projects that came flying out their ass in this time of record debt, a failing U.S. dollar, and sky high unemployment. For those of you that don't habla Wetbackanish money conversion, that is $1.6 million US dollars that the DOT is blowing on their "Federal Transportation Enhancement" project in Chicano Park right here in Slime Diego, Mexifornia. If you don't suffer from high blood pressure or don't have anything nearby that you might regret destroying at some point, you can read about it here. It's a short article with lots of pretty pictures of wetback graffiti, a dumbass local news reporter, and a complete waste of $1.6 million among other things. If you would like a perfect example of why I haven't watched local news in over a decade, check out the video. In another attempt to avoid a visit from the SS I'm going to have to stop writing now.


Goldenrod said...

All the people out of work can sit there and admire the really, really bright vibrant colors of the infrastructure.
Meantime, someone should start a think-tank on how to keep that shit-hole state from going broke.

Jim - PRS said...

I suppose this is but one of the "investments" that The One is fond of pitching.

I could puke.