Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do Not Fuck With The Cops

Dumbass brought a club to a gun fight. I bet you wish you didn't try to bum rush that cop now don't ya'.

The goodness starts at 00:30 and last until 00:56. The rest is just incoherent inner city babel.


Bear said...

Excessive? Maybe a little. But if I was dumb enough to do something like that, I'd expect to get shot.

Probably another little citified shit that didn't get his ass whipped enough as a child.

CharlieDelta said...

1.) Driver is a dingleberry for not pulling forward to get a much needed clear shot after homeboy goes down.

2.) Cameraman douchebag should be shot for being too much of a dildo cameraman douchebag to roll down the fucking window while filming. I would like to shoot him myself.

3.) Excessive? It's hard to say. The first barrage from the LEO is totally justified. The second set of rounds after the idiot goes down I would have to question. Seems excessive from that shitty angle, but maybe first cop was using the euro-pussy 9mm round and second cop uses .45 ACP? Maybe first cop missed his shots from 3 yards and second cop actually knows how to shoot? Could be anyone's guess.

Would I unload a magazine on the motherfucker? You bet your ass I would. If I ever have to shoot anyone for any reason, I won't be shooting to just 'wound' them, I will be shooting to "FATALLY wound" them.

Without having all the facts, it's impossible to have an opinion on it, but I have been taking notice more and more of the thug-cop mentality from sea to shining sea, and I don't like that shit one bit. Do I think all LEO's are like that? Absolutely not, but it's a growing trend among the "badges with guns" of all jurisdictions and that ain't good.

Am I the least bit saddened or going to lose any sleep because some dumbass got a fatal dose of lead poisoning from charging a cop pointing a gun at him? Fuck no!

In fact, I'm going to drink to it!

rayvet said...

What would have been more entertaining would have been to turn the dog loose on him. I love watching the police dogs attack someone. I doubt very much the douch with the weapon would have had much of a chance against that dog. Great pain would have been had by that guy if the turned the dog loose. Bullets were too quick.