Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GOP Field

I'm in agreement with most of the Republican's conservative wing that the GOP field is overall weak. My favorite candidate was Herman Cain, but recent evidence suggests he was never serious in the first place. And that sucks because he resonated with a lot of people. I also like Ron Paul but he does not poll well against Obama at all. In fact, the latest poll I saw showed the Cooncracker thumping Paul by about 20 points, which leads me to my point.

The objective is to defeat Hussein. This country is in a world of hurt, and this filthy communist fucking halfrican is doing everything he can to hammer in the final nail. He hates America, and we have an obligation as a responsible society to vote this lying anti-American ass out of the White House. Of the GOP candidates, Romney is the only one who polls well against the illegal alien. In fact, Romney may be the only one who can defeat the Owebama Downgrade.

Romney is not perfect. He has flip-flopped on several issues. He may very well be pro-choice (which irks the base), but he has sound economic proposals and has promised to repeal CommieCare. That's good enough for me considering the major issues facing our nation today. We must keep the objective in plain sight: vote out the worst President in the history of the United States of America. Nominate Mitt Romney, and we'll likely be successful.

I could care less if he is Mormon. I could care less that he's from Massachusetts. I could care less about RomneyCare. All I care about is defeating the Kenyan Cooncracker from Hell! Trust me people. We can't survive four more years of this demented sociopath Hussein Obama.


kerrcarto said...

I hate to say it, but I think the cooncracker will win a second term, but I think the GOP will take the senate and a bigger majority in the house. Hopefully we will have a veto proof majority. I hope I am wrong, but that is what I think will happen.

Paul said...

Veto proof majority won't make a damn bit of difference. We have a dictator in the White House ruling by executive fiat. A second term is not an option.

Goldenrod said...

If the voters allowed our liberties to be erased by an outsider POS like Obutthead, it would be an indescribable shame in the eyes of all those who fought and those who died defending the same.
I think I'm more pissed off at the higher echelons that allow this shit to continue.

kerrcarto said...

If he tries that executive order bullshit to do an end run around congress, impeachment is more what I am thinking.

Fukitol said...

Jesus H Christ! It's only the first state to have a primary, the convention is 8 months away, and everyone against Obama simply folds like a cheap fucking tent into the Romney camp? The same asshole that lost to Juan McAmnesty in '08, has campaigned since then, and still barely manages 23% of the GOP vote... anywhere? WTF!

Ron Paul. Really? The Dennis Kucinich Liberaltarian vote?


The goddamn 24hr news cycle, polling results for 'on the bandwagon mentality' has absofuckinlutely ruined elections. Well guess what, Reagan was counted out by the fucking polls too. Oh ya, he was also too dumb, just an actor, a cowboy, and all that other bullshit. But most importantly when the dust settled, Ronald Reagan was President. Maybe y'all is just too young to remember such things and what an absolute shithole Jimmah Carter made America.

The weakness in the GOP field is Romney who is another blue-blood Republican that is a Big Government asshole like his state income tax creating father George was when he was Guv of Michigan. Ya, I'm so shocked Mondale Krauthammer loves east coast Willard Mitt. Gingrich who was so despised as Speaker by the public as well as the Conservatives within the GOP that they through his Pelosi sofa sharing ass out of Office way before there even was a Pelosi sofa. Jimmah Carters' Department of Education? Ya, thank Newt for that fucking vote.

And, Ron Paulestinian, who in 2008 endorsed Cynthia McCommie and Ralph Nader for his Paulbots to gift Team Obama Axelrod the win, and now his loony liberal let's make sure Achmedinnerjacket has nukes. I'll never forgive that cocksucker for his '08 endorsement of Cynthia McCommie. But Iran with nukes? Yup, Ron's one layer of Reynolds Wrap away from wearing a Kucinich hat.

Yannow sumpin' ...I guess the old expression is true, people get the government they deserve. 'Cause there ain't no way in hell I'll vote for the three aforementioned proven losers, especially if the crazy old one pulls his Third Party shit like he did in 1988.

Paul said...

Hey Fukitol tell us how you REALLY fell! Who is your candidate? Out of that whole rant you didn't even tell us who you support.

Paul said...

Look man I'm pissed at the whole field, too. But what the fuck am I supposed to do? Just sit here and let it ride? I gotta support somebody! Anyone but Obama, dude. Anyone but Obama! And that includes Ron Paul. Yup! I said it. I'd vote for that kooky geezer.

kerrcarto said...

Two words..Rick Santorum

CenTexTim said...

Three words...Anyone but obama (Paul +1)

Fukitol said...

Crap. I guess I didn't write who I'm supporting. Sorry about that, Paul. Sorry about the rant too. It was not directed at you or anyone. This election has me pissed like no other I've ever been a voter in. Ya, I agree with you; the Obama admin delenda est in November.

Fact is my two picks are out. Right now I want to see how legit a Santorum run really is. I haven't ceded to lowering the bar to Willard or Newton just yet. Besides, I've got some time with making up my mind about porking the chad 'cause Michigan's primary isn't til 2/28.

The bitch is last election I didn't vote for Juan McAmnesty, I voted for the Saracuda with hopes the old RINO fuck would vapor-lock and croak. Four years later and I'm more or less staring at that same fucking abyss again.

Jesus H Christ! John McRINO who suspended his campaign to go vote for TARP with Owebama, then was steamrolled by Oblamebush/Axelrod, and called all the TEA Partiers Hobbits, just yesterday was out in Assachusetts endorsing the asshole who he called a flip-flopper in the '08 primary, which, BTW lost to McRINO. Exactly how big of a clothes pin do they make for voting for these establishment pile on clowns? I mean, anyone with an ounce of sense in '08 knew that Obama was an empty suit lower than whale shit loser and McRINO was no goddamn better, but he beat having a to the Left of Ted Kennedy MORmON run against Oblamebush. WTF makes anyone believe it'll work or be much if any better this go around? Not me. I'd go with Gingrich before Romney. Both suck, but Newt not as bad as Mitt.

And, back to Ron Paul... it's a Paulbots pipe-dream to even think Ron Paul will receive the nomination, but if it were to somehow magically happen? Fuckit. I get to sleep in on November 6.

That old bastards campaign slogan should be:

Mayan Apocalypse Reassurance Squad
Vote Ron Paul 2012

Paul said...

Well Fukitol, we can at least agree that all of them fucking suck. I'm surprised you would support Gingrich considering how badly he fucked things up towards the end of the Blowjob Admin. But hey, they've got us all snookered don't they?

I'm voting for kerrcarto/CharlieDelta. Or should it be CharlieDelta/kerrcarto? Hmmmm. Now there's a debate!

Fukitol said...

Well Paul, here's my issue with Romney. He's just too goddamn soft on the Musloids. Look, we've got roughly 2.6 million of the evil motherfuckers on our soil thanks to George-fucking-Bush that started importing them at about 60-100k/year that also out breed us 3:1, which, OBTW are on gummint aid. Start to look around a little at how our cities are changing. For shits-n-giggles, take a trip to Memphis sometime. Hint, it is starting to resemble Dearborn South. Now, that's a goddamn shame. Of course Minneapolis is stinking with the evil cocksuckers too. Romney has been tap dancing around the Musloid issue every time it is brought up. Frankly, I think it's because if he has a position that isn't 100% politically correct about their fucking pedophile muHAMmad taqiyya death cult it then opens the door for criticizing his bizarre-o Joseph Smith Golden Plates cult in Utah. That right there is a compromised pussy that is only in this election to satisfy his ego and to fulfill the Romney legacy that his daddy George couldn't accomplish. Seriously, it is more than strange that Mitt's cousin Huntsman calls him out as a flip-flopping loser, and honestly, just from a performance record as governors; Jon Huntsman kicks Mitt's ass from one end of this nation to the other. Romney sucked as governor and that's why the sonofabitch didn't run for reelection.

That said, ya, Newt was a disaster at the end of his Speaker gig, but I do know that Newt won't take no shit from the Musloids, and as it stands right now with our Fifth Column fuckers and Israel being surrounded thanks to the Cooncracker-in-Chief; Newt's my only logical hold my nose vote remaining.

Unless, Santorum proves to be a real deal. Only time will tell. Rick's a take no shit kinda guy when comes to the Musloids too. Not crazy about his immigration positions, but if I could find a candidate that I agree with 100% I'd prolly be voting for myself.

But... kerrcarto/CharlieDelta or should it be CharlieDelta/kerrcarto 2012? Fuck yah! They've got my vote. We could once again dust off Reagans' It's morning in America commercial. And, sleep like babies at night without a worry about any 3am call in the White House 'cause we'd all know that nobody would be stupid enough to fuck with the Shining city upon a hill.

Fuck Obama