Monday, January 2, 2012

The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again

Fucking third world sickos. At least in Shitholistan there is a chance the fuckers will swing from the gallows. Unlike here in the US where they would be given three meals a day and a college education.

Which brings up another subject. We have many American veterans living on the street, homeless, sick, starving and with no one to turn to.

On the other hand we have scum fuck that beat a child to death with a brick and dismembered her and spread her remains amongst a trailer park full of registered child molesters and admitted to it.

One gets spit on and told to get a job, the other gets three meals a day, a full gym, cable tv, free health care and too many other amenities to list.

Ya think America might have her priorities fucked up?


Johan Galt said...

Future guest star on All American Moose Slime?

Anonymous said...

Islam used to be just a hemorrhoid on the anus of the world. It would flare up on occasion, causing some localized discomfort and irritation. A little topical ointment would take care of the problem. However, Islam has mutated into a cancer that if not cut out with a scalpel and bombarded with lethal chemicals and radiation, will bring misery, destruction and death to everything it infects.

Harper said...

This quote from an article about how some groups are mad about Blowie signing the defense bill made me nauseous:

The national Muslim rights group CAIR slammed the legislation "as a stain on our nation's history -- one that will ultimately be viewed with embarrassment and shame."

FU. It isn't 'our' nation. It is MY nation. Any segment of people that needs to have a 'rights group' isn't American. We are a melting pot. Our ancestors came to America for its promised dream and collective ideals. It was never intended to be a place where people could come and demand to have their foreign culture accommodated.