Monday, January 30, 2012

Rip It Off

Well, Herman Cain endorsed Newt. I guess it is time for my Cain vs Unable bumper sticker to go on the beer fridge along with all the other old political stickers.


Fukitol said...

The Glenn Beck everyone's a Progressive witch hunt schtick is growing old, kerrcarto. But, if you think it's wise to play into the Romney slime machine, go ahead, have your fun.

George is smiling...

kerrcarto said...

I don't like Romney. Rick Santorum is my man.

Newt in his own words called himself a progressive.

Until he can explain in a good and logical way what his pivot point is from loving dirtbag presidents like Wilson, FDR, Roosevelt and Jackson to disliking them, I will take him at his word.

kerrcarto said...

And since when is playing someones own words back at them sliming them?

Fukitol said...

Kerr, I wish you luck with Santorum, but if you haven't noticed, he's going nowhere fast. He's a 16%er in any primary at best, and that's not good enough to stay in the game. The Paulestinians for Uncle Squeaky are gonna be history soon too, and that's fine with me because all the old fart is gunning for is a moment to speak at the convention.

Now, we can play lawyerball with the debatable context of YouTube snippets if you care, but it's ultimately a waste of ones time. Was FDR historic in what he was able to accomplish? You goddam right he was and the scale if you care to investigate further than what clowns like Beck prattle on about, that was what Newt was talking about; the scale of, NOT policy of FDR. Romney is playing the Left's game of half truths to slime.

If you haven't picked up on what Cain is about, 999 is a 'progressive' idea, yes?

Harper said...

I am a little baffled at why it took the media so long to catch on to Cain endorsing Newt. I got an email last Wednesday from Newt paid for and sent by Cain Connections from when I bought my bumper sticker. I took that as an endorsement.

It is telling that in Iowa, where people in every county had the opportunity to meet Santorum, he won the primary. It seems to say that the PEOPLE liked what they saw and heard, despite who the media was telling them should win. In other states, it seems that the MEDIA is deciding which candidate will win, and the people aren't bothering so much with judging each individual's qualifications. The process stinks.

kerrcarto said...

Fuckitol, why is Beck a clown? Do you watch him? I do 5 hours a day. Or do you just take snippets of what he says as the whole truth.

Fukitol said...

Used to be a fan of Beck's but my sentiments have changed. He's jumped the shark. Elsewhere I expressed this about Beck: Beck is an asshole, and blew it with the TEA movement when he decided to go all hosanna following the Restoring Honor march. Matter of fact, Beck blew it so goddam badly that he has gone to the extremes of calling the TEA movement racist to justify his everyone's a Progressive witch hunts.

That's where I stand on Beck. I'm no longer impressed with on-the-wagon MORmON converts. He can go vote for shoe. It's still a free country.

kerrcarto said...

For the record, I like Newt. He syas alot of things I agree with. I just want to know how he goes from loving big government guys to wanting to be the usher of the small government movement. It confuses me.

CenTexTim said...

I'm with Fukitol re: Beck. He's gotten some kind of weird lately.

As for Newt v. Romney - I'm not a big fan of either one. Both have plenty of baggage, and both will say and do whatever it takes to get nominated/elected. Can't blame 'em too much - that's the way the game is played now-a-days.

Fukitol's also right re: Santorum. No matter how much you like him, he ain't getting enough traction to overtake the Mewts.

Bottom line - Harper's right. the process stinks.

Did I leave anyone out...?

kerrcarto said...

We will see about Rick, we've only had three state elections, there is still a long way to go. Hope springs eternal doesn't it? In any case I will vote for for whomever we put up against Obama, I just don't want to have to hold my nose and to do it.

Re: Beck, he tells the truth. Even if it pisses some people off. I don't particuarly care for the hyper religious tone that he has taken, but on the issues of the day he has been dead on for 10 years.

Fukitol said...

Kerrcarto, Newt wasn't my first choice in this election. Cain was, but everyone bailed on him when the Lefty Sherman Necktie bimbos were trotted out. I still don't believe any of the bullshit those broads claim to be true, but the fickle supporters bailed on him. They went to Newt's camp, until Beck launched his smear campaign in Iowa along with Romney.

Again, fuck Beck and his useless as tits on a bore smarmy little shrew, Pat Gray.

So, I guess we're basically in the same screwed boat with the exception that you like Beck, which that's fine with me. However, when one stands back and takes a look at what's really going on, all the real Reaganites are beginning to back Newt as the only viable option remaining.

So, it's either taking the gamble on Newt wanting to be remembered in history books as the larger than life Reagan Conservative that saved America from the brink of a larger than life Jimmy Carter, or foolishly porking the chad for the flip-flopping draft-dodging fucking Mormon.

Unless a miracle happens with Santorum by February 28 (Michigan's primary), I'll gladly roll the dice on Newt.

Look his plan over and think about it.

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Beck is right. It makes no sense that the TEA Party stands for smaller government, yet suddenly foams at the mouth with support for the same bloated gummint, corrupt politics with Newt.

Here's a picture of Newt in his natural habitat:

John said...

The only real conservative is no longer in the race, she dropped out. There is no one currently involved who comes close to the conservatism of Michelle Bachman.

She was my choice, I'm holding my nose and going for Romney now even though I don't trust him to do the right thing on health care. I like Newt more than Romney, but all the polls I've seen have "the anointed one" beating him. We HAVE to get this incompetent jackass out, ANYONE, even Alfred E. Neuman, would be a more intelligent choice!

CharlieDelta said...

Bottom Line: ANYONE but Obama.

rayvet said...

I agree with the Beck comments. The guy has gone deep off the reservation. My unofficial take is his celebrity has gone to his head. He sees himself as some type of leader or game changer rather than just the platform for conservative ideas. Some if his recent TV antics are also worth using as a reason to question his sanity and his goals. I used to watch him. No more. He's all about the show, and not so much the message.

CenTexTim said...

What CharlieDelta said...!

Fukitol said...

Ya, 'anyone but Obama' in its simplicity sounds fantastic, but ultimately one will wind up making the same stupid mistakes that resulted in a McCain losing to Obama.

Out of the frying pan into the fire, ring any bells? Care to do it again?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this country can be turned around without at least two things,(minimum), the first is to get rid of the illegal in the WH and the other is term limits.
I'm sure the latter will never happen.

kerrcarto said...

Fukitol, exactly my point with Newt. Santorum is the man

Fukitol said...

We're basically on the same team, kerrcarto. Stop Obama. Look, I'm good with Santorum, even though he voted for the creation of Medicare Part D (Romneycare-lite) and the No Child Left Behind Act. So, don't just go pissing down my back about Newt and tell me that it's only rain. Honestly, it really sounds more like 5hrs a day of regurgitated Beckspeak, but I'm good with that too. The point is that we are left with four Republicans to choose from at this time and they all have their flaws, some more serious than others.

For me, Romney, like in '08 as in '12 is not an option, end of story. Willard is a habitual liar for the sole purpose of his personal gain just as his daddy George raised him. Yes, George was a manipulative parasite. I am from Michigan and remeber George well, investigate his bullshit yourself. Born in Maxico and the sonofabitch had the gull to run for president in '68? The GOP actually allowed it because of George's smear campaign on the war? The Romney's are disgusting fucking people from daddy George all the way to Willard's mormon deferment. I've dropped plenty of info for perusal at your leisure on here that expresses my opinion of Willard. His LDS cult really isn't all that different than muHAMmads cult in the fact that if you aren't one of them they really don't give a shit about you. muHAMmad was a false prophet and Willard is only about his personal profit not much different than Obama's goal of being the king of the turd pile. Mark my words... if Romney wins the GOP nomination, they will lose on the down ticket in the House and more importantly, the Senate.

Santorum, or more so, Gingrich will build the necessary down ticket win needed for a majority. If I were to bet on this, Newt would do a better job accomplishing this from the start.

But, I do hope that Santorum catches on soon 'cause the name of the game is money. That's what it takes to win. Rick's shoestring campaign is going to be tasked with longevity and the odds aren't really in his favor to date and the results show that. Frankly, Santorum should be thanking his lucky stars that Romney hasn't focused his slime machine on him yet. Look at the 5:1 that Willard spent in Florida on Newt. Most of that has now been proven false and outright lies, but Willard passes it off as his uncontrollable Super PAC and the gullible thralls buy into that bullshit. That's another lie in itself as those PACs are in fact able to communicate with a candidate but not allowed to give a candidate more than $2,500 in contributions. Newt was right about a candidate being able to tell them to stop the disinformation bullshit.

Like it or not, I firmly believe the deciding factor in '12 hinges upon Newt's tactic of forcing his agenda of unmoderated Lincoln-Douglas debates because none of the GOP candidates have the war chest that Obama wields. The ads with Paul Ryan tossing granny's in wheelchairs off of cliffs will look like child's play in comparison to what I envision once the GOP nomination is selected.

Learn from what happened to Cain. Laughably, Newt's baggage is and has been out there for decades, and the worst of it shows that he married his paramours. The Crisco Kid running the DNC and the MSM have yet to unload on Santorum's old lady that shacked up with an abortion doctor some 20+ years her senior, nor have they yet rousted out some broad that claims to be one of Romney's wives, but fully I expect it to happen when they view them as a threat.

Fukitol said...

Oh, and to shore up the last of the four primary candidates. Frankly, if Ron Paul wasn't such a Musloid coddling kook with his George Soros written foreign policy, I wouldn't have much of a problem with him other than his anarchist pothead radical followers.

But then again, a Libertarian like Ron Paul is little more than a disenfranchised Democratic Party Neoliberal anyway. They are not a Conservative. That's most likely why Paul's efforts running under the GOP banner stay fixed in the 10% range. He really should be reclaiming the Democratic Party from the commies if he were true to himself. But, I reckon that an old squeaky voiced vajayjay doctor prolly isn't up to such a task 'cause he would've done that in the 1970's instead of infiltrating the GOP and shitting on Reagan in the late 80's and then endorsing Cynthia McCommie and Ralph Nader in 2008.

Paulestinians are such useless tools.