Thursday, January 5, 2012

You Got Knocked The Fuck Out

This story warms the cockles of my heart.


CharlieDelta said...

I heard about this today on the radio. SO BADASS! Ventura is a washed up douchebag that should be strung up and beaten to a bloody mess by every family member that has lost a Navy SEAL since the beginning of the SEAL program.

When I saw this post, I was thinking (hoping) someone captured the KO on video. I'm counting on someone posting this on Youtube in a matter of hours... PLEASE!

Damn, that would be sweet!

Goldenrod said...

Holy shit, that vindicates my gut feelings about that obnoxious shit stain. I had a gut feeling long ago that he was nothing more than a shit laden Hollywood actor that would sell his mother for a shiny coin.

His fucking series about ‘conspiracies’ was nothing but a prank that lined his pockets with the money of weak minded liberals that loved to dance with sugar plum fairies.

He’s damn lucky the Navy Seal had enough restraint to avoid inflicting permanent body damage.

Bear said...

Fuckin' sweet!

CD, if you find footage of the KO, please post it.

I'll take the Seals in my corner any day...

rayvet said...

This guy is so cool. You can tell he's not a braggart (sp?) and he's humbled by the whole telling of the story, yet he tells it in such a matter of fact way. Kudos to him and those like him that will stand up to shitheads like Ventura. Ventura is a drug/booze addled old geezer whose days of fame are over and he's having a lot of difficulty accepting that fact.