Thursday, February 2, 2012

Attention Shit Talkin' Sports Fans:

Paul, that would be you....

Last night I was in the bar at Chilis and ended up talking with some retired Air Force dude named Eric who was telling me that he just started up a new website dedicated to sports fanatics that love talking shit about sports called In fact his site was created for the sole purpose of talking shit about the four major professional sports; whether it be talking shit with your friends or with complete strangers. Not fantasy football, just straight up shit talking. So, of course I instantly thought of Paul. Paul loves football and he loves to talk shit! Doncha Paul?

Anyway, this guy was telling me that him and his partner are still trying to fine tune the website layout, but said when they have it done, it won't be anything lame or anything like Facebook or the other "social networking" sites, and would be completely user friendly regarding apps for phones, uploading pictures, etc. The idea of it is genius, because I would say at least 75% of sports fans love talking shit when it's game time or preseason, spring training, whatever. It's what makes it fun! Sounds pretty cool once they get their feet off the ground, even for someone like me that likes talking shit, but doesn't really watch much of anything except Padres baseball.

If you are a Golf, or Tennis, or Bowling fanatic shit talker, there will be a page (he likened it to Craigslist rants and raves) for you too where you can start a fresh shit talking session about Mexican Midget Wrestling, Chinese Checkers, Somalian Spear Chuckin', or whatever the fuck. So check it out or tell your shit-talkin' friends to check it out.

And before you ask, no... I don't get anything for sending people his way. The dude complimented me on this shirt I happened to be wearing, so I thought I would plug his website for him since he's obviously on the good and the right side of the fight.


rayvet said...


Do you remember where you got that shirt? I'd like to pick one up.

CharlieDelta said...

Ray I got it from Kim Du Toit when he was still blogging (since it was his design) and that was probably 6-7 years ago, but I believe are selling them these days.

I've received a lot of positive comments when I've worn it out, as well as some negative ones. The funny thing is, the negative comments are more enjoyable (and more positive to me) than the standard "I like that shirt!" comments.