Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lone Star Recon?

The week I have been looking forward to these last few months has finally arrived and it couldn’t have come at a more stressed out and ill-prepared time in my life; it seems like just yesterday was when I had two full weeks to get my game plan together, have a resume ready to go, some interviews lined up and more job opportunities to investigate. Where the hell did those two weeks go? All of a sudden the Super Bowl was here and gone and then, oh shit!!! I am nowhere near prepared like I should be for this recon mission. My resume is still a piece of shit that I don’t like, I have no interviews lined up, I have nothing that even comes close to resembling a game plan, but tomorrow morning I’m flying out of here, renting a car and meeting up with kerrcarto and Paul either Friday or Saturday for a few pitchers and some laughs. I had planned a massive resume’ dumping at just about every place I could no matter what the job was, but I am dissatisfied with my resume layout to say the least. I’ve had plenty of time to get it dialed in and fine-tuned, but I just kept putting it off so now I’m going into this recon with two things to do. Find an area that I want to live and can afford, and drink beer with my bros. I guess it could be worse. Other than that, I really don’t know WTF I’m going to do for seven days. I was hoping to at least take a drive north from San Antonio one of the days to check it out and say hi to Harper and TWS and maybe throw back some cold ones with them. I feel like a douchebag for having the lax and superfluous attitude about this week, but usually I am shining my best when I’m under pressure. I never had one doubt that I would be ready to go. Up until now that’s how it’s always been for me. Not this time. I might as well just change my name to Biff Loman for these seven days. Jebus!

Fuck it! I’m getting out of this fucking place for seven full days and exploring new territory, I get to see my two brothers-from-other-mothers which is always a good thing, and I am at the very least putting another step behind me, as painfully slow and frustrating as it’s been. If I keep waiting around for the “perfect” time to make the move happen I’ll never get out of this liberal-progressive socialist Utopian shithole. As it is I’m already over a month behind schedule and I mean a month behind when I was supposed to be towing my truck behind a Uhaul loaded with everything I own and heading eastbound to my new home. I still have to set all of that up when I get back from this little vacation recon mission. Fuck, I don’t know what I was thinking. Obviously I wasn’t thinking at all. This is a bigger move than any I have ever made in my life and I did a piss-poor job of planning it out. All I knew is that I just wanted to get the fuck out of here and everything else be damned! I guess the stress that I’m feeling right now is making up for the little to none that I felt these last couple months when I wasn’t doing shit.

Well it’s 01:50 and I need to pack my suitcase and carry-on bag and then get my ass to bed. I wonder how much shit I’ll forget to pack this time? It’s too bad I can’t get a job being a professional procrastinator because I have mad professionalcrastination skills that could crastinate circles around any so-called ‘pro’ out there. I’ll have to tell you about that some other time…

Brothers Paul and kerrcarto, I’ll see you two fucks soon. The first few rounds are on me.


Anonymous said...

Shit yeah man!! Safe travels. I'm gonna try and pull some information together for you on that oil shale project I was talking about.

Harper said...

Eagle Ford Shale? Might not be exactly what CD is looking for, but shouldn't be a problem getting some sort of job, the place is a veritable boom town right now.

CD, when you drive through all the damn road construction, make a note of the company name of the equipment - those are good leads!

If you come north, call me, dammit.

kerrcarto said...

See ya in a couple days.

Bear said...

I'm not a professional by an means, but if you want me and my newspaper buddies to take a look at your resume, feel free to e-mail it to me at It seems like the last few years I've been doing them alot myself, and I have some good people in my corner to help me out with that kinda stuff.

If it's just the design/layout that you're worried about, I could possibly help with that although Kerrcarto would probably be the better option on that.

Safe travels, and enjoy your trip!

H2o said...

Hit I-10 east to Lake Charles and come see Ali and me. I'll cook you dinner! :)

kerrcarto said...

Shit, I haven't updated my resume in 10 years.

PeggyU said...

Who's Hiring Who ... grammatically incorrect title for an archaic book, but it is still a very useful resource in getting a resume organized and a cover letter written.

S-W said...

Forgive the length, I like to ramble.

Re moving, stress, ect...
Go with the flow Bro. The universe provides the opportunities when you're least ready for them. They will appear and you must be on the lookout for them as they pass quickly.

Case in point. When I moved to Idaho, I just up and left. Gave myself 7 days to be out of the $hithole I was living in.

I'd been dreaming and scheming to get myself to Idaho for 13 years but the timing never seemed right. Made many trips looking at property but never committed to a buy as the "timing" didn't seem right. I had been recently downsized/retired so I had no reason to stay.

I looked for a job for about two weeks with no results. One Sunday night, I said screw it, I'm outta here by next Sunday. Rent's already paid for the next month, (wife got the house a few years earlier).

Called and had the utilities to be turned off the following Monday.
Found a long term stay motel in Spokane on Craigslist. Packed my crap which I could fit in my vehicle and gave everything else to Goodwill/Salvation Army, put some in storage or the local dumpster.

I left on the following Saturday morning and made the three day drive to Spokane.

I got a part time job in about two weeks, found a fulltime job about 3 months later in the perfect place I wanted to live. Also in the 3rd month at that motel, moved to another long term stay motel in Couer D'Alene while looking for a good rental in my AO.

Got a great place in the north and about six months after that, found another great full time gig where my property was located. Made the long commute for a while.

About six months later, I found my perfect AO property in an isolated area with a year round creek just off the rear deck. Have about four or five different Whitetail Bucks in the yard a year, lots of bear, moose, elk.

About a year ago, I took a hiatus as things were slow at work and I needed time to fill in the holes on my preps, may go back, may not.

Anyway, the point of this tale is to show you that one doesn’t always need to be organized and prepared to accomplish one’s goals and dreams. What one must do is take action. Today, not tomorrow or next week. Just. Do. It.

One must also be on the lookout for the opportunities that arise and again, take action today. I haven't really planned much of this at all. Just watched and snatched the opportunity when it came along.

Placing yourself in your desired AO is also key. You’ve gotta have boots on the ground to get a feel for your AO. If you begin to dislike your AO’s circumstances, find a new AO.

Your departure today on your trip could be the beginning of a fantastic journey and adventure. Don’t despair over it, embrace the chance to shoot from the hip.

Enjoy yourself and don’t take life so seriously. Worrying over details doesn’t help because nobody gets out of this life alive anyway, enjoy the time you do have.