Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three In A Row

Rick Santorum now has more wins than anyone. But, but, Romney, but Newt is the conserv...blah blah blah. You can all eat crow.


Paul said...

The only candidate worth a damn. If he doesn't get the nomination, then I guess I'll just have to vote for Ted Nugent again.

Fukitol said...

Why then y'all best be getting "all in" then.

Or, by phone:


The Willard slime machine and the Paultard smear merchants are already spooling up their Lefty Santorum attacks.

For record... I never donated to Newt, but just sent Rick $100 by phone five minutes ago.

Money talks - Bullshit walks

kerrcarto said...

I donated last week.

Fukitol said...

Good man, Kerrcarto. The SCOTUS situation made my final decision for me. Oweblamebush got two of his commie friends in play in SCOTUS, and my fingers are crossed that nothing health-wise happens to that old cunt Ginsburg until 1/20/13. I sure as hell don't trust Willard to pick the next justice, nor do I trust Newt. Uncle Squeaky? That old Liberaltarian prick has never presented a straight opinion on any of the current justices, so I haven't a clue what the hell he'd do. Not like it matters when it comes down to it, Paultards are the 10% anyway.

I'm "all in" on Santorum. I'm good with it.