Friday, February 10, 2012

Tough Love

Be careful what you post on facebook kids.


Scott said...

Shared and delivered to "other peoples" kids. Mine were raised better. I do have one stepson however who could use some advice ...possibly at the working end of that 45. Not really but it is a thought. THX

Harper said...

Suddenly my kids aren't complaining about their chore list. I love what that man did, and the fact that it was genuine, and he has no idea what to do with his 15 minutes of fame, he was simply disciplining his kid. He has refused media interview requests. He answered a newspaper's questions on his FB page so they couldn't take his words out of context.

I especially love that she has to pay for the ammo.

Goldenrod said...

I would have paid him a fair price for the laptop......I know, I know, that would have taken away from the dynamics of the lesson.

Kudos to him for taking a strong stand.

Fukitol said...

Now that's a dad. Any ass-wipe can be a biological father, but goddammit, that man is a DAD.

Kudos to him for trying to save his daughter from becoming one of the full-fledged #Occupy assdouches.

Jeff said...

Damn. That man ain't playin' around. Damn.

Holder said...

I have seen this posted many times. I started watching it, and then stopped. I agree wtih him in person, but how is he any better than his daughter airing his dirty laundry on the interwebs? I agree she needed some consequences, but he is supposed to be the adult, right?
I blame Jerry Springer with making this behavior seem okay.

H2o said...

LMAO! I would have done the same thing and then spanked her ass!

Jeff said...

"but how is he any better than his daughter airing his dirty laundry on the interwebs?"

He's the parent, she's the subordinate child. She shouldn't be talking to her parents this way, whether it be indirectly through the Facebook, or "real time."

I'm proud of this man. If his daughter doesn't respect her own parents, then who will she ever respect? See, the problem with many parents is that they let this kind of behavior continue unchecked, unchallenged. Then little junior turns adult and struts out into the world as a spoiled brat-asshole. Then, people like me have to work with these mouthy little fuckers.

Once again, I'm proud of this guy. He's living proof that although less than 1% get it right, they are the ones who get attacked. Word.