Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crony Capitalist Fucks!

I love it when one of my comments makes it to the top of an article linked by Drudge. BWAHAHA!! Notice how the seminar commenters had to jump into the shitpool. Other readers engaged but I decided not to waste my time.

You know what's so alarming about today's Communist Democrat Party? These bastards don't even try to hide it anymore. Look how close this thing came to passage (47-51). Of course, it would have been DOA at the House. Or would it? This is the same House under Boehner that passed the NDAA.

Fuck Washington, DC!!


kerrcarto said...

They are not even trying to hide anymore. Proof positive here

CharlieDelta said...

This one had me crackin' up:

"Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you're reading online are government created too. They are designed to generate a response to engage "dangerous people" in real time.

The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are mostly government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it. The biggest cover up is exposed at the link in my name."

Dude's name should be Dale Gribble.

kerrcarto said...

Media Matters is doing it every day. George Soros is just one head of the hydra that has been built by the commies.