Monday, March 5, 2012

FOD: Which One Is It.

So, Barack Obama went out an touted his love of Isreal this last week. He even invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House for a meeting dog and pony show. He even went as far as announcing that he is going to give Iraeli President Shimon Peres the highest civilian honor a president can give, The Presidential Medal of Freedom.
While all his buddies from Occupy Oakland have this to say. "Occupy Oakland demonstrators plan to hold a major “unwelcoming” of Israeli President Shimon Peres Tuesday during his visit to a San Francisco synagogue."
How does that pan out? You praise Occupy and they hate the Jews, but you are giving the Israeli President a medal? Sounds like someone might have a severe bullshit problem.
And what is that you say? Occupy Professors went to Iran and held a conference. The country with the leaders that want to "wipe Israel off the map."
Seems like you might be on both sides of this issue Mr. Peeresident, you're a wonderfully talented bullshit artist. Your stance reminds me of this.

Grow a set of balls Obama. And choose a side.


Anonymous said...

Grow a set of balls Obama. And choose a side.

He's got quite a set and he has picked a side and it's not Israels"

CenTexTim said...

"Now he's a liberal pussy."

Anonymous said...

This story may shed some light on why Bammie is a liberal pussy:

CharlieDelta said...

What's up with the comment window appearance lately? Is this a change that Blogger made, or did one of you fucks get all drunk and change shit one night? The new look sucks ass!

kerrcarto said...

Blogger did it.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Why Netanyahu and Israel trust anything that comes out of that SOB's mouth is beyond me.


Goldenrod said...

Obama’s like the skinny runt in school that would side up with the bully to keep from having his ass kicked and then run across the play ground and tell the fat boy that he doesn’t like the bully, and btw, fat boy, how about a bite of that candy bar?