Monday, March 26, 2012


Did you hear that Obama "personally" paid the shooting victims in Shitholistan?

The six wounded were offered $11,000 each. They were each presented with the money on Saturday at the governor's office, according to a provincial council member in Kandahar, the AP reports, and told that "the money comes from President Obama."

Must have been from his stash.

Meanwhile Ft. Hood victims....Oh never mind that wasn't terrorism. That was just work place violence.

Fuck You Asshole.


jeffli6 said...

Hush money plain and simple. Not paid by Obama but by US taxpayers. Hell you could have sent them 50 goats and they would have been happy. I wonder how much Karzai got?

BG said...

this will be Sharpton's next crusade. Why is Barry giving away money to the Doon Coons when the NAGA*s here in the States are supposed to get it?

* North American Great Ape

Anonymous said...

Where are the payments for the NATO troops (Brits & US) that that have been fragged by the Taliban fighters masquerading as Afghan Fighters? Don't see Karzi ponying up anytime soon. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

BG, I thought it was NAHA, North American Hairless Ape or Nuther African Hairless Ape. Least, thats what I was told while I was in the Army.

BG said...

I like yours better - NAHA, always struggled with the word 'Great' in there.