Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oil baby!!

The Keystone pipeline controversy is nothing more than nasty politics and crony capitalism with very little to do with sound economics.

What is the pipeline? It extends the current Keystone pipeline, providing a more efficient route to Texas and Louisiana oil refineries. It will transport a tremendous amount of black gold from the newly tapped Alberta oil sands. While we don't necessarily have excess refinery capacity (a topic for another day), the pipeline effectively replaces oil imported from Venezuela, one of our mortal enemies, with oil imported from Canada. This is in our best national interest for reasons that should be obvious.

Pipelines are significantly less stressful on the environment compared to trucks, ocean tankers, and even railroad. But most importantly, a pipeline is by far the most efficient (think cost) method of transportation, e.g., Alaskan pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline will create thousands of jobs directly tied to oil & gas and thousands of indirect jobs resulting from housing and other commercial services. If we do not take advantage of the new oil bounty discovered in Alberta, then China will, as Canada has already announced her plans to transport the oil by rail to the west coast through British Columbia if we don't get our act together.

The United States currently has over 250,000 miles of oil and natural gas transmission lines in operation and millions more in gasoline distribution lines. And you can look that up, sucka!! So the entire environmental argument peddled by the Cooncracker Admin. is total and utter nonsense. Stop falling for this crap.

I have lived in San Antonio now for six weeks and I am ecstatic over the economic impact from the Eagle Ford oil shale project. New job creation in 2012 alone is projected at no less than 10,000 for the city. Last year, Houston created more jobs than the city had lost during the recession. So the economic benefits of domestic energy production are undeniable. Just ask North Dakota. We have an opportunity to do something really positive for our midwest economy, which is in utter shambles. But today the Senate was just short of the 60 votes needed to overturn the Kenyan Cooncracker and his Obabots. So call your congresscritter and keep the pressure on these thugs in Washington, DC. Who knows? Maybe these empty suits will actually do something positive for our economy that doesn't involve killing people in foreign lands or printing money out of thin air. But I won't hold my breath. After all, it's Washington, DC.

Oh and by the way, follow the money. Warren Buffet has the most to gain by the Keystone cancellation. And we all know whose corner he is in. Crony capitalism? Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...