Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Police State

Today I was catching up on some emails sent to me over the weekend and somehow stumbled upon a disturbing article over at The Portland Press Herald that I found interesting to say the least. I have posted about the abuse of power by police departments before on this blog and some people commented saying that I was over-reacting, or I didn't know what it was like to be a police officer under that kind of pressure, or even went as far as to ask (in so many words) who's side I was on and go on to make excuses for the thug officers violating Constitutional rights of United States citizens. I couldn't believe some of the ridiculous comments posted.

So before some asshole accuses me of being anti-law enforcement, a cop hater, an anarchist, a criminal, a liberal, or anything else I am not, let me say this: I do not hate all LEO's or even most of them. I am always respectful and courteous when speaking with them or to them. Although they have never really done anything but hassle me, I know people that they have helped. I also know a lot about our Constitutional rights, and constantly see examples of those rights being ignored by them from S.W.A.T to undercover LEO's and everything in between. I know law enforcement officers don't have an easy job, but that is never an excuse for someone with a badge and a gun to violate my Constitutional rights or that of any US citizen. Not at any time for any reason. It's that simple. To those of you so quick to jump on me and to defend corrupt and abusive thug cops, sit back and digest this for a moment.

Police union gives payments to officers involved in shootings:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Albuquerque police officers involved in a rash of fatal shootings over the past two years were paid up to $500 under a union program that some have likened to a bounty system in a department with a culture that critics have long contended promotes brutality.

That sounds a little worse than just a measly little violation of someones Constitutional rights doesn't it? It almost sounds like people didn't just have Constitutional rights violated by the police, but they were killed. Then, the officer that pulled the trigger was paid up to $500.00 for it.

Mayor Richard Berry called Friday for an immediate halt to the practice...

No shit. Well of course he did. Any hopes of re-election require an act of at least pretending to be concerned about the increasing number of cases involving thug-cop mentality. I'm not saying the Mayor is involved or even knew about the union 'reward' for killing a US citizen. I'm just saying that even if he did know about it, now the public knows about it, so no shit he called for the immediate halt to the practice.

"The administration has nothing to do with how the union conducts their business," Berry said in a statement, "but I was shocked yesterday when made aware of this practice. I cannot stand aside and condone this practice. It needs to end now."

Well here we go again with the unions. Thug unions and thug cops; what a combination. It's obvious the fuckin' unions in Albuquerque, NM have someone big in their pockets because they can do whatever the fuck they want to do and even Mayor DingleBerry doesn't know about it.

Although the union said the payments were intended to help the officers decompress from a stressful situation, one victim's father and a criminologist said it sounded more like a reward program.

Sounds to me more like bullshit! Union bullshit! If cash solved the problem, every combat veteran would be given (up to) $500.00, and there would be zero cases of combat-related stress, PTSD, or suicides.

Other law enforcement officials called speculation of a bounty system ridiculous but acknowledged the payments could be poorly perceived.
"Frankly, it's insulting and very insensitive that somebody would believe that a police officer would factor in a payment for such a difficult decision," said Joe Clure, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

No Joe, what's fucking insulting is you expecting me to believe that a police officer isn't capable, couldn't, or wouldn't factor in cash fucking money, as if they're not corruptible. What's insulting is you having the balls to stand there, even with the rising frequency of cases where police violate Constitutional rights of US citizens on a daily basis all across this country, expecting me to believe something like this isn't possible. What's insulting is you expecting me to blow this off as some kind of freak misunderstanding or witch hunt.

Clure said his union gives officers who fire their guns in the line of duty a $25 dinner card and a few movie tickets. On rare occasions, the union will give as much as $500 for a hotel room and travel for an officer who is having an especially difficult time in the aftermath of a shooting, although he doesn't recall that happening in about 10 years.

I have a better idea Joe. Why don't you and your fucking union take all that money you steal through "union dues" and brush up on your training of officers before they violate someones rights or before they pull the trigger on someone. Start with making them study and memorize The Constitution of the United States in it's entirety. Then follow up on their practices and procedures. Checks and balances; ever heard of 'em Joe??

David Klinger, a former police officer who is now a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, said he saw no problem with the program, noting the officers have administrative time off and need to deal with a very stressful situation.
"I've been through it," he said. "And if someone wanted to say, 'Hey, Dave we want you to go hang out in San Diego and sip sarsaparilla on the seashore,' I think that would be a grand idea."

Of course you would. Afraid to be screwed out of your pension if you said otherwise? Please do us all a favor and just stay the fuck out of San Diego Dave. The stench of your biased opinion stinks to high heaven and combined with the stench from Mexico's police corruption it would all just be too overwhelming.

Berry called on Police Chief Ray Schultz to work with the union to end the practice. Schultz, who called the practice "troubling," said the union has agreed to hold an emergency board meeting.

Oh, ok. Problem solved! I feel better already, don't you? False alarm! No need to worry folks, the union has agreed to hold an "emergency board meeting" so rest assured the union-run police departments across the United States, from here on out, are all going to be strict Constitutionalists, open to checks and balances, and transparent for The Sheeple to see for themselves. Just like the Obama Presidency!

UPDATE: As I expected, there are no comments. LOL! I wasn't planning on gaining any friends when I posted this. I may have even lost a couple in a few short paragraphs of reality. Some people don't want to hear the truth. Some people can't handle the truth. Whatever. Anyways, a reader named Mike just emailed me this Youtube video that perfectly covers the sentiment that I was trying to convey with this post. Thanks Mike, and yes. You are absolutely correct.


rayvet said...

Hey, I'll be the first to comment. Growing up pretty much my entire life in rural areas and NEVER having had a run in with the law (other than a speeding ticket), I have a different perspective. I've known officers quite well over the course of my 47 years (the benefit of living in rural America) and have gotten along quite well with them. I also believe the officers in these areas of the country are not unionized, so they are not under the strict rules or regs that unions impose upon them. I've never had a reason to question, when I saw an officer, "are they coming after me". I've never felt uncomfortable when I saw an officer in pretty much all aspect of daily routine. That being said, when I see an officer chasing some clown (be it car or foot chase), I pretty much assume that SOB is guilty (of something, othwerise WTF would he/she be running). I guess if you live in a lib/dim/socialist run area of the country with the "dregs of society" that are hired as officers, then experiences might be different. I liken it to the analogy I use about why I'd NEVER be picked to serve on a jury. If your ass is up there on the stand, your guitly. It might not be for the charge you are currently up there for, but your ass is guilty so don't even ask me my verdict. It's a mindset that I've acquired having nothing but positive experiences with law enforcement individuals in my quaint home towns. Now I do concede that if I lived in liberal utopia, I'm sure my opinion would differ.

CharlieDelta said...


It happens from sea to shining sea in these once great United States every single day. Even in rural parts of your area that might appear to be "normal" or (gasp) Constitutional.

But don't just take my word for it, check this site out and see for yourself how out of control it is all across this nation. God help us.


And again, I am not anti-cop or some anarchy loon that wants a mob-rule mentality in this country. I want officers to honor their OATH as they have sworn to do. I want my (and your) Constitutional rights respected at all costs. If they cannot or will not honor their oath, they are my mortal enemy. If you love liberty and freedom, they should be yours as well. Or you can just follow the herd to the slaughterhouse.

Either way, thanks for having the balls to comment and give your two cents on the topic dude...