Thursday, March 1, 2012

SanTaco Airlines

Currently, SanTaco Airlines is only flying in Mexico, but hopes to introduce further services to San Diego and Los Angeles later this year.

FAA says they will be trying to stop the planes as they are unsure about their airworthiness. SanTaco said that they will not be beaten on price.

A spacious Business Class is available on the upper deck. There is no baggage fee for the first 10 bags. No baggage weight limit. No fee to change flights to another date or time. Just show up and the kids fly free. Half-price fares on Tuesdays.

Mexican-style meals are served with tacos, burritos, rice and beans. Cerveza is complimentary. BYOB for Tequila or Mescal. Parachutes are optional.

Thanks Uncle Jim.


Goldenrod said...

That's the best laugh I've had in a long time, maybe I could capitalize on this by selling bungy cords.

Bastard….I’m gonna wake up in the early morning hours laughing.

India, eat your heart out....

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! How fitting. That's a photoshopped Soviet Tupolev TU-154. I actually flew on one of those fuckers from Dublin to Moscow many beers ago. Scariest aviation experience I ever had.

try2win said...

Obama is the King of all Chocolate.

I swear these Welfare Socialist Military members should be happy they get anything. Obama is doing the right thing here cutting Healthcare for active duty and retirees.

I know my grandmother who receives benefits does not deserve them at the obscenely low cost. She is 75 and I swear she has not been to a doctor in 30 years!!!

My grandfather only served 30 years and Served in Vietnam. Who died of cancer ...probably from all the agent orange he walked through trying to repair shot down helicopters in SSHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cambodia.

When he came home he was addicted to drugs, booze and alcohol and the military was eager to keep him drugged up.

Obama... start that war with TRICARE and the military... I better pop some Popcorn for this.

If anyone needs to have healthcare cut... its those ungrateful military retiress... Not the GREEDY GM workers who we BANKROLL with the Federal trashuary so they can keep their cadillac healthcare plans and bloated pensions!

PISSED said...

That a GREAT photoshop.. thanks for the laugh!!