Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wisdumb of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Did anyone see Mayor Douchebag on CBS This Morning yesterday morning spouting more of his emotional bullshit rhetoric to push more of his gun control agenda? If you missed it, the below video clip has his ridiculous blathering lowlights which I swiped from here. You might want to keep a barf bag or a bucket handy.

Bloomberg: "....You picture this: somebody's banging on your door and says, I'm going to come in and kill you, and you say, wait a second: let me find the gun. Where did I put the ammunition? Where did I put the key? And this guy's got the gun out and you're (unintelligible) You're better off not having a gun."
Wait. What? Sorry Mayor Douchebag, I wouldn't have that problem finding the ammo. or any fucking key. My ammo is already in the magazine, the magazine is in the gun and I don't need a fucking key to get to it. Bad guy would've wished he picked a different house in my particular case. All I have to do is point and shoot. Bad guy? Done! 9-1-1 not needed. Tell the ambulance driver to take his time, and make sure he's got a body bag and a couple spatulas; maybe a Shop Vac too. The only reason anyone would even have to look for their ammo and this fucking key is because ridiculous bullshit laws put into place by left wing assholes like you would leave them helpless and in the dilemma you speak of. Your fucking laws get the wrong people killed Douchebag; people just trying to defend themselves! You didn't even realize it at the time, but you basically just made an argument against your own bullshit laws. Dumb ass!

Of course, the two CBS puppets never really threw any tough questions at Mayor Douchebag. They never do. In agreement with everything Douchebag said, they all but unzipped his pants right there on the set and started suckin' him off. Thank God they turned off the cameras for that. You can read Matthew Balan @ NewsBusters point out more of the ridiculous and almost comedic performances of CBS and Douchebag here
. I need a drink!


Goldenrod said...

Liberals are incapable of thinking beyond a single dimension.

kerrcarto said...

Liberals are incapable of thinking. Period.

kerrcarto said...

Did anyone see Mayor Douchebag on CBS This Morning yesterday morning

No, some of us do a little thing called "work".

CharlieDelta said...

You? Work? BWAHAHAHAHAHHA! Okay, if that's what you want to call what you do I can dig it.

And I was workin' guy; working on a killer buzz and working on roping lots of trout out of Lake Morena with my pops.

kerrcarto said...