Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Best

If you haven't picked up Jason Bowlan And The Stragglers: Live At Billy Bob's. What the hell are you waiting for? 2 of 3 drunk fucks agree, it is hands down the best party album ever recorded.

I sang this song onstage many times with my wife's cousins at the Inn Of The Hills.


CharlieDelta said...

" is hands down the best party album ever recorded."

That's a pretty bold statement right there. I have to disagree, but I'm not going to argue over someone's personal opinion when it comes to party tunes.

Too many variables...

Anonymous said...

CD, what is the best party album then?

Anonymous said...

Oh wait I know the answer to that. "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears.

kerrcarto said...

Okay, ONE of the best party albums ever recorded. Live After Death is another.

CharlieDelta said...

Hey look, after weeks of no see/no hear from, I made Paul come out of his hiding spot! Do I win a beer for pulling off that monumental task?

Paul, to throw down with an answer to your question would seriously take a month to think about and narrow down literally hundreds of albums. Even after that I doubt I could come up with just one album to represent "the BEST party album EVER recorded." That's why I said it was a "bold" statement for him to make in my original comment.

Depending on your criteria for partying, there are many variables that different albums would cover, but off the top of my head I have a few:

1.) The Beat Farmers - "Loud, Plowed, and Live."
2.) Van Halen II
3.) Rush - "2112"
4.) The Police - "Zenyattà Mondatta"

I mean shit, I could sit here all night long and come up with a bunch of albums that I think are SOME the BEST partying albums ever. I just wouldn't be able to narrow it down to one. Hence my "bold statement" claim in my original comment to kerrcarto.

CharlieDelta said...

And scratch my 2112 album choice. That's more of a sit around and smoke a joint to a laser show type of album.