Saturday, April 14, 2012


I would say this guy has it...

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JeremyR said...

A trucker was hauling bowling balls to Chicago. he stopped to rest in a Walmart near St. Paul Mn. When he got up, he was checking his rig, when two black dudes came out of Walmart with a bigscreen. Since it wouldn't fit in a taxi, they asked the trucker if he could haul it down the road a piece for fifty bucks. The trucker agreed.
Well, that trucker forgot to watch his speed, and got pulled over. When the cop came up and asked him what he was hauling that made speed so important, he replied, I've got a truck full of nigger eggs.
The cop laughed, then said he needed to check the load. Well, when he opened the door and saw those two guys, he began screaming into his shoulder mike "I need help on hwy 49 quick! This trucker is hauling nigger eggs, two hatched, and one of em already jacked a big screen."