Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do You Smell Something Burning?

I sure can smell it, and the stench is getting stronger and more pungent by the minute. It's not a good burning smell like a fireplace pumping the smoke of pine logs out your neighbor's chimney on a crisp winter morning.  It's not that good burning smell of a backyard leaf-raking party where you can smell the burning leaves for miles around.  It's certainly not that awesome smell of burning gun powder that gets stuck in your nose after a few hours at the range.  It's more like that horrible smell of burning flesh and hair, or the smell of a car fire.  No, it's more like the nasty smell of  railroad ties smoldering.  Maybe more like a raging tire fire. Whatever it is, it's a horrible smell and it's not going away anytime soon. But what is it?

Excerpts taken from here.
A report issued on Tuesday by Ammoland Shooting Sports News indicates that the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--is engaged in new illegal activity, this time in the state of Alaska.
According to gun store owners in Anchorage, ATF agents are requiring that they submit what is called '4473 Forms' going as far back as 2007.
Form 4473 is the official form that gun stores require customers to complete when they purchase a firearm. It is not intended to be a gun registration form but a sales record containing information on who bought the firearm, a photo I.D., and the official background check. The store owner then records this data in what is called 'the bound-book,' which is kept in perpetuity by the gun store and submitted to the ATF if the shop goes out of business.

Here in Commiefornia Form 4473 is referred to as DROS, or Dealer Record Of Sale. I have filled out numerous DROS forms over the years and it's no one's fuckin' business, especially that of the ATF's, what I have purchased, how many I have purchased, the frequency of purchases or any other fuckin' information regarding guns I have legally bought for the last 20 years. For every firearm I own, I have submitted proper ID, a fucking shopping list of answers to stupid questions, my signature, SSN, proof of residency, and a gotdamn thumbprint that was then used for my FBI background check. For pistol purchases I also had to submit my Handgun Safety Certificate. All it really is is just more hoops to jump through, as a United States citizen, to legally purchase a firearm and exercise my Second Amendment right as guaranteed to me in The United States Constitution. But the bottom line here is that the information is to be used for the dealer to have for his records and to cover his ass. Nothing else!
Eagle Firearms does a good job at explaining what the law concerning Form 4473 entails:
Here’s some things to note about Form 4473. This form is not sent to any government agency, its actually kept on file by the local dealer. While this form contains the make/model/serial # of the weapon, plus all your personal information, it is not mailed out anywhere. The dealer will use this form to run your back ground check via the FBI NICS system.. However, the background check does not contain any of the following information: A) what you bought or its serial # (only if it was a long-gun or handgun) and B) whether you actually purchased the firearm and left with it. As far as the Federal government knows a background check was run on you and thats about it. They don’t have any record of what you did or did not purchase.
The only way the feds really ever see that data is in the event of a weapon being used in a crime.
So basically, the fucking feds have no business or reason to be asking demanding this information from Alaskan firearms dealers or any other dealers in the 57 50 states in the Union, other than to start keeping tabs on who owns firearms and how many of any kind. This is just more back-alley, shady, strong-armed bully tactics the corrupted ATF will use under the corrupt and illegitimate NiggerHonkey Administration to try and erase the Second Amendment forever.
Thus, Form 4473 is not intended to be used by any government agency as a form of registration. Yet this is precisely what the ATF is doing in Anchorage, and the gun stores are crying foul.
Ammoland is telling gun dealers throughout Alaska that they are within their legal rights to refuse to turn over the records to the ATF.
Gun registration. The ATF has already showed us what it's capable of with their Fast and Furious fuck up as well as their intimidation practices when it comes to firearms dealers. They sure didn't waste any time getting their grubby hands into something else shady and nefarious like this did they? Can you smell it now? The stench is overwhelming. What is burning? Can't you smell it?


georgiainfidel said...

I live in Georgia ,back in the 80's I bought many weapons by filling out one page and throwing down my drivers license in the 90's did the same but also showed my weapons permit we do have a waiting period for people with no permit,I can see why you want to get out of that state

kerrcarto said...

I just plop down my DL, sign a paper for my background check and walk out the door.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah kerrcarto, but the dealer (if he's a FFL) still has a record in his/her files that have all your information (from your DL), the firearm type purchased, serial number, etc.

This is a federal requirement of any FFL firearm transaction.

That information is what the ATF is demanding from these Alaska dealers, because a simple FBI background check doesn't give the details of the purchase. The question not being answered by the ATF is why in the hell do they want those records? Especially dating back to 2007?

Something stinks to high Heaven here...

TimeHasCome said...

Watch history and the answers are there. The Armenians were systematically disarmed village by village in 1905-06 , As soon as the Turks new there was not one firearm left in village then they started their bloodthirsty killing , raping and plunder . The Turks feared just one rifle left would not be a fair fight.