Monday, April 2, 2012

Gone Phishing

This is why I have never subscribed to the belief that just because a dog goes apeshit near my car it gives you the right to search it. Probable cause is bullshit. Either get a warrant or leave me the fuck alone. Go harrass some gang bangers in the inner city not a couple of geeks driving across your state. Asshole.


CharlieDelta said...

Yeah dude, it's total bullshit! If they want to search your vehicle all they have to do is say that their dog "hit" or signaled __________ (whatever they want to make up on the spot.) It happened to a buddy of mine when he was coming back from a desert trip.

The Border Patrol runs a checkpoint on westbound I-8 just east of El Centro. My buddy Matt was heading home after a few days of camping and as soon as he got close to the agent with the K9 the guy went crazy and starting saying, "The dog smells drugs! The dog smells drugs!!" So they pulled him over into secondary.

Long story short, they rifled through his entire truck, pulled all of his camping shit out, questioned him about his firearms, wasted FIVE hours of his time and they didn't find shit! Why? Because this particular friend of mine doesn't smoke dope or do anything else. He drinks whiskey and that's it! On top of this ridiculous bullshit, they made HIM put all the shit back in his truck on the side of the highway in the middle of the fucking night!

So......... either the Border Patrol agent was completely full of shit (which is my guess), the dog "hit" for absolutely no reason and should not be operating in the field until it has more training, or both. Either way, they completely fucked with Matt for five fucking hours for simply trying to get back home to go to work the next day. And they DIDN'T FIND A FUCKING THING!

That right there is fucking BULLSHIT!

CharlieDelta said...

And this abuse of power and Constitution trampling goes on every fucking day from sea to shining sea.

"Law enforcement" is the biggest criminal organization in the United States. Don't be fooled. They break the law every fucking day and they get away with it!