Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finally, the media gets one right

We've known from the very beginning that Cooncracker is a cock sucking communist pig. The media just now figured this out? Just because he has a wookie wife and two spoiled brat little bitches doesn't mean he's straight. This weird little prick has been taking it up the ass since he was a youngster. Hey, this mother fucker can blow all day all night I could care less. I have no problem with these people when they aren't pushing their agenda onto the rest of us. But Cooncracker has turned against the will of the American people with the same-sex marriage bullshit. It's obvious this country doesn't want it but he continues ramming it down our throats (gross pun sorry) for political gain and just in time for that limousine liberal fuckfest at Clooney's house to boot! It's all rather humorous actually. Think about it. We've gone from Bill Clinton, America's first black president, to Barack Obama, America's first gay president.


CharlieDelta said...

Short and sweet, right to the point, no bullshit! That's the Paul I remember. Glad to see a post from you, brother. You pretty much covered my sentiments on the topic with this one.

Fuck Obama!

Anonymous said...

I agree-could care less he's gay(and he is, no doubt), it's his communism I hate. He's a lying, disgusting POS.

kerrcarto said...

I bet Michelle has a Barack Obama strap on she bangs him with.

JeremyR said...

kerrcarto, dead wrong, Mooch elle is a sasquach and could very well be male. My guess is Barrie goes for little boyz as is the muslime tradition.