Thursday, May 10, 2012

That Was Fast

So, cooncracker came out for gay marriage, what, 24 hours ago? And they are already rolling out the propaganda.

Nah, this wasn't planned. As an ad designer. I can tell you that between in house proofing and customer proofing and approval, something like this would have taken at least a week to produce. They had this waiting in the wings, I guarantee.

By the way, I agree.

I could give a fuck what you do in your own house. As long as it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.


CharlieDelta said...

What a drastic change to support such a thing, and so close to November elections.

I'm shocked!!!

jeffli6 said...

As with any minority group, once they feel put upon, they want equality. Don't ask Don't tell gone. So the more power the LGBT crowd get's, the more they want....that is when it get's dicey.

Mudpuppy said...

The fudge packers don't want equal rights. They want special rights. these tools already have the same rights that I have to marry. I got to marry the woman of my choice, My wife got to marry the man of her choice.

BG said...

It's a one-way equality though. Straight people need to accept whatever these 'special' groups do or say, but they don't have to accept anything normal people say or do.
Let's not get into the definition of normal, if you have to ask - you may be one of 'them'.

try2win said...

well said dude. not sure why we vote on what people can do in their own homes. i like to do my wife doggie style but I am sure if santorum was elected he would have a sexual monitor in my bedroom! Marriage overall is a stupid scam. I was single for about 20 30 years getting scammed on my taxes cause I was not 'married'. Single people get fucked.